My Praying Life and HIS Gifts to me

Every single day, I write in a gratitude journal. Starting the day off with a reason to be grateful gets my mind and heart aligned with God. It doesn’t end there. It only is just the beginning. My Bible gives me wisdom as this week I study Hebrews and fall deeper in love with my Savior. But, you see, prayer is my direct connection to my Daddy. My Father. My Lord. My Savior. I also want to engage the Holy Spirit (HIM inside of me), so I talk to Him. Constantly. “Pray without ceasing….” (1Thess 5:15).

Just this morning, on the way to school, Tatum and I listened to a song by Lincoln Brewster, The Power of Your Name. Here are some of the lyrics:

And I will live, to carry your compassion
to love a world that’s broken
to be your hands and feet

and I will give,
with the life that I’ve been given
to go beyond religion
to see the world be changed, by the power of your name

I couldn’t help but weep. It stayed with me all day, and I thought, how can I make a difference in all that I do? How can I pray for my loved ones today?

First, I wanted to lift up TATUM. She would go to school with a new game to try with the kids and a positive attitude. I prayed for her to be Jesus’ hands and feet with kindness. She has so much love in her heart.

I prayed for my honey. First, he looks so cute with his new pants and belt/shoes to match. Use him at his work and protect his heart. Give him wisdom with his decisions today. He is so loved and appreciated.

I lifted up my Mom. Keep her warm in your arms, Father! Keep her healthy, help her sleep deeply and long, and give her a long healthy life! I love you so much; we ALL DO!!!

I prayed for Austin. Oh, dear Austin! We will all be closer one day, I know it. You’re launching and getting on your feet in a strong way. Lord, continue to bless his steps and his journey! Help him grow in hunger for you, Jesus!

Then there’s the sweet little guy. May he not fall ill from his chewed toys. Oh Cooper.

He just can’t get cuter. THANK YOU FOR HIS KIND SPIRIT.

He is the reminder of YOUR love for me! He is always so loving and kind.

Today, the day did not go as planned. I had a blowout on the freeway,

but God was IN THE WHOLE THING. It happened near a gas station; I had cancelled an appt, and if I wouldn’t have, I would have been late to pick up Tot. Also, this nice attendant helped me (when he was told he shouldn’t by his boss..liability issues). He said he always errs on the side of caring and serving.

So many ways God was watching over me. When we all came together for dinner, I found many of my prayers answered for Tatum and Doug. My mom even had a great sleep from the prior evening.

We can choose to focus on the flat tires in our lives, or we can choose to focus on the spare tires that we all have. That extra dose of “It’s going to be OK, and I’m with you always.” (like that tire in our trunk). God is reliable, trustworthy, and EVER PRESENT in times of trouble.

I end every evening with some more reading, praying and of course, this little guy. He loves to love on us, but tonight, I think he was just being grateful for his mommy.

I’m grateful for my family, and especially my Lord, my God, my Savior.

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