LOVE DAY and of course, COOPY!

9 years ago TODAY, Tatum officially (by the state at least) became my official daughter. She has been with me since 3 months before her entry into this world, really, but we celebrate May 23rd anyway.

I had to go to a blood test early in the AM, so I took my “baby” with me. She has her baby, and she is mine (my little lovebug whose hand I can hold).

Tot is so generous. She knew I needed more water, so she ran inside, grabbed my water bottle and filled it. Then, she asked me if I liked her hat?

The test was so smooth…no pin cushioning today! Thank you dear little one.

She wore her love shoes today, but of course with her own special flair.

I took her to get a bagel sandwich before school since she was so helpful this morning.

I surprised her at school by picking her up early. We headed over to my favorite ice cream place! Been going there for 50 years!

Guess who was waiting when we arrived? Well you can just see. We all ordered the same thing, except Daddy had rocky road since his such a rock-solid guy!

Oh, it ended too fast!

Mama, thank you for joining us!

Tot and I went swimming after, and then met up at the island for a bit more LOVE celebration.

But first she had this to come home to in her bathroom. We love to communicate through LOVE notes. (Daddy too!)

More love shoes, sweet girl.

From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, I adore you.

Best gift, blessing ever. Tatum Hay.

A near second place of blessings is this little guy. We got him three years ago today.

COOPY, we love you.

9 and 1/2. Yes, we celebrate everything.

She is fun to surprise. And, being AAAAAALMOST double digits, it was appropriate to make a BIG deal of the Tot. We always need reasons to share the love, so why not!?

Tatum LOVES containers. All kinds. Boxes, bottles, cans…cups. IF we can get her to drink water, then yay! So Daddy had this in his mind. BUT FIRST. We need to sing to her. No, I mean the hamburger needs to belt out a tune. HUH?

Tot. Oh, Daddy…what is this?

Sing it, Daddy! Ok, we really have reached the bottom when we need a hamburger to serenade us.

Oh sheesh.

Now to the big moment. The unveiling. Hopefully it’s not a singing hot dog.

Oh, water will taste so delightful in this bright and shiny thing.

Mommy’s turn.

ALL TRUE, beautiful.

Now, for some feet love.

May you continue to walk in HIS ways. But continue to be your crazy, goofy, adorable self. WE LOVE YOU!

Part 2: My HHH celebrates me *Blush*

What a treat. I got to spend a night with my honey at our home. I opted not to go to dinner so we could hang out at home.

He made me feel so special. I suggested we go get Coconut’s takeout, and this was perfect. Our marriage continues to grow like this banana plant producing new scrumptious-super leaves weekly.

When we got back his silly side came out with this cute card.

Bam…that bar must of hurt!

Now let’s eat and chat. You make me feel so young!

When we picked up Tatum from Mom’s she was so happy. We just hugged it out on the couch with the little Coopy-head. Aah…my family. What more could I want?

Being a student of Tatum

I love the idea of studying your child. How can we know how to encourage them in their “giftedness” if we don’t pay attention to how they are wired?

She is a delight to study because she is so interesting! First, she is always reading books. This aids her imagination.

(that’s our new outdoor furniture BTW) smile!

She loves to pretend, and she is always creating stories/characters/ideas. Here is her room just after 20 minutes of grabbing a few magazines and pictures.

Hi Coopy!
She is so creative in her ability to make something interesting. She has her own systems, and I’m grateful she is not me! She also thrives when she is building something, making up a story, or drawing something. Anything that involves her imagination.

Tatum, you just inspire me. I will continue to learn WHO you are and HOW God wired you. Then I can point you in the right directions for your future. In the meantime, keep seeking ABOVE! Your brightness will never be “ECLIPSED!”

53 is the new 30!

Ok, so maybe not 30, but it is an opportunity to feel young again!

It all started in the morning when I was doing my quiet time in the art/play room. A little bunny came in while I was not looking and dropped a goodie.

What is this?

Oh, Taties.

She is my best gift besides my hubby.

She took a pic on her Polaroid and brought it to school.

My hubby would text me love notes through the day.

And…the delight of a hot fudge sundae was enjoyed by us girls. SOOOO YUMMY. Can you say DOLLOP? No dollops on our sundaes…more like WALLOPS!

And never be shy about the sprinkles. I mean WHY NOT!? I always say!

Later on, I was supposed to have my REACH girls over, but COVID struck two of them, so we postponed. (Shannon and Cana took me for coffee in the morning! smile)

My honeys surprised me with this then:

Flowers make me feel alive!
Then Tot and Daddy sang to me. Tatum opened the show.

Then Daddy joined. Yes, he did….

And the duet was born.

It elevated.

And then…aah…my sweet girl gifted me with a few blessings.

SBC cafe has the CUTEST stuff, so I’ll use it wisely. (Lord, help me).

Oh, babe…you are so good to me. We weren’t even going to celebrate tonight.

He is truly THOUGHTful.

I am so very grateful for you two. The evening took a detour and you both capitalized on it. You both made me feel so loved. (that is the best present a girl could ask for).

Coopy….you are like the cherry on top.

Happy Mother’s Day! The HONOR is mine

Being a mom. The bestestest job ever!

Tot and I started out with greeting at church on Sunday as usual. We stopped for a pic. LOVE YOU TOO, MY SWEET GIRL!

Then, we came home for mom to come over and enjoy some quiche and morning glory bread.

Mom came with her Derby hat because yesterday was the Kentucky Derby. (more on that in another post!)

Ok, time to eat!

We missed Austin due to him being ill today.

We loved on Mama and my honey loved on me! And then, the Tot!

She made me a Cinquain at school. Look at how fun this is:

Oh, Tot. She said she loves to read and swim with me too! I’ll take it!


I do love you to PIECES!!!

My honey…

He looks so handsome!

SANG to me with the inside: MY BEST FRIEND. (song from Queen)

Your so good to me love!

My favorite people in the whole world…here with me.

Oh, and I can’t forget the Coopyhead.


Thank you for the honor of being your Mommy, Tot.

I love you beyond measure.

Project Peace Graduation

Starting in March of 2022, we launched a PEACE effort for our family. Our circle of life needs to stay round without any sharp edges.

Daily, Tatum and I would embark on a lesson du jour regarding being pleasant and peaceful. It was an internal effort to change heart to change behavior. Jesus is the only answer vs. “behavior modification.” We talked about lessons on contentment, listening, humility….A little goes a long way when you focus daily.

I wanted to celebrate her growth with a “graduation” ceremony

and a new lens.

A Polaroid! So fun!
A new lens of GRATITUDE.

Daddy is so proud of you too!

WE will continue to pursue peace! It is a daily plan. LOVE YOU TOT!