Sharing our immense library with others!

Tatum and I had a brainstorm idea!!! She has so many books, and they are not doing any good just sitting on the shelves. Why not bring them into her classroom and allow others to read them? In fact, let’s make it fun!
So, we looked up the AR level on each book and put in the front cover.

Here are all the books we looked up.

Then we made a checkout sheet:

Now each student gets a pencil when he/she returns a book. Oh, and the bookmarks stays in the book.

Cookies will welcome this whole idea!

We presented the idea to Mrs. Denmark! Hopefully she likes it.

Gratitude, Growing, and Gawking!

I am filled with SO much gratitude for my family, You see, I have been pretty sick lately. More digestion issues, but suffice it to say, my family has been my rock apart from Jesus.

I wanted to express my thankfulness to them. We love do give each other cards.

I need to ALWAYS tell my family how much I treasure them and all they do for me.

I tried to get Coopy’s attention, but we lose him to the TV. He is enamored.

Not even a HOLY COW ball can pull him away. Our little GAWKER!
Daddy, HHH…I appreciate you beyond words. (and worlds! heehee)

Growing like a weed or a heel? And lil’ Tot… you are becoming BIG Tot! Growing….yes. She is growing!

How is it that she is getting so big?
Noah still thinks she is pretttttteeee cute!

Making weekly goals. Math, Reading, Character

Tatum and I sit down each Sunday and map out the week, create goals, and go through her checklist.

We do this daily:

Today, I asked her if she had any goals for the week.

They should be measurable and just challenging enough but doable.

For math, I told her that she could achieve these goals by accomplishing a few minor tweaks:
ONE: Make it NEAT! If you can’t read your numbers and they are not lined up, you are more apt to make a mistake.

Here is her paper from Friday!!! It is 100X neater. She couldn’t wait to show us!

TWO: CYW….or check your work!!
THREE: TYT….take your time. There is no prize for being the first one done. (think tortoise vs the hare).

Ok, then, she wants to up her reading so she can achieve her AR goals. So…3 this week! Ambitious.

Finally, she knows her “TONE” can appear to be disrespectful. Her attitude can then be negative. SO>>>> Let’s work on what she wants to be (I asked her the kind of person she wants to be known for: KIND AND LOVING. So, we’ll watch the tone and delivery.

I added mine too. Goals are so fun to make and then to see them be accomplished…even better!

Prayer Wall: Daily practice in Tot’s room

I don’t take credit for this idea. I listened to a podcast on Focus on the Family, and one of the children from a family does this.

It gave me an idea!

I have had this bulletin board in our closet since we moved in. I have not known what to do with it. Today, I figured it out. Thank you Holy Spirit!

A prayer wall for Tatum’s friends. We wrote down all the names from her class. We’ll pick one/day to pray for.

We’ll update it constantly. We hope to intercede in a positive way for all of the kids/teachers. Prayer works and we are asking the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of our loved ones and (new) friends!

God knew I would need that bulletin board! LOVE.THIS!

4th Grade in charge of Chapel! Go Tot!

Today, Thursday, Tatum’s class was in charge of Chapel. She didn’t know until the last minute, so I did some switcheroo to my schedule so I could be there.

She was surprised I got there early!

And then they were off!
The Spiritual Theme for the year is remarkable. Truly an important verse to stand on for our lives!

May this infiltrate our souls!
Then,….next…. love this:

Ok, 4th, get on up there and sing us some Halleluias!

Praise HIM!
Next, Mrs. Sun gave us a quick talk about fact vs. opinion. The fact that GOD IS GOOD was stressed! Then three kids from Mrs. Denmark’s class (Tot was one of them!) and three from Mrs. Hamstra’s class came up for a “Bible Challenge.”

First round, the first two had to look up a Bible vs in Psalms. Who got it first?

A boy from Mrs. Hamstra’s Class.

Next round: Tot vs. a student from Hamstra’s.

Tot found it SO FAST! She won! This is what is crazy: Tatum and I are going through the Bible right now, and we happen to be in 1 Timothy! That is no coincidence. She knew right where to go.

Each verse is about GOD BEING SO GOOD!!! TRUTH!!

Next round, it was Carley vs. Teagan.

They both took a bit of time to find Mark 1. But eventually Carley got it.

God. GOOD NEWS! Gospel!

At the end, the 4th Graders came back up to sing.

What a great TRUTH! May we always remember, no matter our circumstances.

Closing Prayer.

Thank you, 4th grade and PVCP. You are speaking Truth.

Another POST-IT note challenge! We are ON IT!

We love to love on each other in subtle ways. So….I presented these notes to Doug and Tot at dinner.

Immediately after I gave Tot her pack, she ran off and decorated little hiding places for Doug and me. One by my bed…

We both got one on our mirror.

Of course Doug gets many from her all the time in his office. Here is a peek at the pile of saved ones.

My honey likes to hide post-its for me…

Daddy loves to shower her mirror with post-its (she adds mine there too!)

Here are few from my Tot too!

She LOVES to save everything. Sentimental girl.

We love our challenge!

Now I must go post-IT!

Honored: Being featured on GCU’s webinar lineup

What a blessing. My dissertation (12 years ago) was on utilizing writing across the curriculum. God has blessed my passion in more ways than I could count.

Just the other day, I was asked to present on ” The Powerful Pen” on GCU’s webinars.

It was so much fun! Corinne interviewed me and it launched last Wednesday on YouTube on the Canyon Professional Development channel.

Very fun!!!

Thank you, GCU for this opportunity.

Here are some of the emails appreciating it (from the Dean Critchfield, and all the other assistants and VP’s. (Not bragging…just so nice to be recognized for all the work).