Sunday church is bright and bold!

As you know, we greet every Sunday. This Sunday, we met Cooper! He is one of the volunteer’s small dogs who joins every week in our service. He is a bright much that he needs shades! HA!

Well it just got brighter as we discussed strongholds that may be inhibiting our walks with Christ. Man, there are so many SNEAKY ways that devil can invade our space.

What areas?

We were all captivated as we prayed through what was personal for us. REPENT, RECEIVE, REBUKE, and REPLACE. Daily! he will not win. The name of Jesus is all he needs to flee. “Be subject therefore unto God; but resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)

As we sang, Tatum went through her EVANGECUBE (Bob gave it to her! SMILES)

It shares the Gospel in a fun, cubey way.

Tatum’s walk continues to grow. A little bit at a time….I’m so grateful for our church, our family (who is so imperfect but has so much grace, pointing to our total dependence on Jesus).


Celebrating Mommy. So grateful

On my birthday which fell on a Friday this year, Tatum had a birthday party (Noah’s to be exact which trumped mine!)

So, I asked if we could celebrate on Sunday. Friday, I still had a great day!
Pretty flowers, a lovely card, and so many lovely wishes from friends, Mom, and my dear brother. Tatum also gave me a sweet little card! (Smart girl! 30? HA!)

Sunday was so perfect too. We had such a great service, and then later that day, I enjoyed my favorite: A hot fudge sundae, pool time, and then some lovely gifts.

And…my lovebug sees my stomach issues as beauty. OOPS into GOOD!

I love my family.

Oh, and they know the way to my heart: Cookware.


I made them Buckwheat Sourdough to celebrate!

My HHH and my TOT made my Mother’s Day AMAZING!

Simple. This was what I wanted for Mother’s Day.

Of course, Doug never listens, and he always enhances the experience. Just look at these!
Mind you, he didn’t buy them like this; he went to the extra effort to vase them himself. His engineer side comes out often! heehee

Tatum was scheduled to sing at both services this morning. Oh, she sure did bless me! They sang my favs too: Holy Lord God Almighty, Glorious Day…

Derek was our leader today…wow.

Afterwards, I just wanted to squeeze her!

She shared with my how powerful the Holy Spirit was in her that morning. Heart melt.

Later, they both spoiled me with cards and gifts…and a toast!

Here is my card!

My sweet honey spoiled me with his card.

And a DELICIOUS candle! (oh, and a PERFECT gift card to my fav store: SBC cafe! THE BEST home gifts ever!

I love being a MOMMY!

Gratitude! CGMs, Woody, and the Tot

What a few weeks it has been. Health issues abound and become rampant in the HAY home. Dr. Ruiz got me a continuous glucose monitor to help me figure out the mystery!

It has been such a blessing to find out my levels as I proceed through my day and my eating. With data, we can find some answers!

With this wonderful contraption on my arm, I’ve had so much more peace and confidence ironically. And, honestly so much more gratitude.

Example: often I get DINGED! I mean the alarm goes off:

Tatum…you saved my phone the other day which was another gratitude! As I checked my score by the pool, plop! Down it went…down down down.

And guess who has brought us so much joy as well?

WOODY! You are such a cute little morsel of personality.

He just loves all the LOVE! Oh, and he loves his image. (He can see himself in my phone)

The amount of joy in our home from this little bits of fun; they make all the health issues not seem so daunting.

Knowing our states and capitols!

All 50! She had to identify them on the map.

You did it Tot!
We had a trick: First, fill in NY, Maine, and the rectangle: Massachusetts. Then build: Conn Connecticut and RI is under. Then, on the right: New, Del, Mar (NJ, Delaware, Maryland)

Middle of country go down: MIMAL (Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

She had a strategy and many fun mnemonics. So fun to practice with her.