Appreciation Dinner and Losing Teeth!

Two teeth in one week! Honestly they were just hanging there for so long!

And the TOOTH angel has gifted her now with two 5’s!

It’s the same day as our appreciation dinner. I love these nights, 4th Monday of the month, because we get to focus on how and why we appreciate each other.

Tot went first.

I love what she says about quality time. It’s all about what she loves…spending time, hugs and kisses.

Then Daddy’s turn!
Wow. He makes us feel so special.

I treasure this list. My goodness; how blessed.

Now, ME!

Coopy, you are SOOOO appreciated too. I WANT UP, Mommy!

GCU: Loving my job, getting published again, and “loping” on Tatum!

Yes, I do. I love what I do, teaching classes for GCU. However, I have been enjoying my role as a speaker for them. They call me an “expert.” HA! ME? OK, well, apparently I am to them. SO…. I appreciate it fully. In July, I’ll be speaking for EdKey to a group of teachers about the Gifted and teaching to them and also Writing Across the Curriculum (My passion).

On Saturday, I enjoyed meeting with the other “Experts.”

I received a shirt, and made sure to get one for the Tot. She hasn’t taken it off in three days.

You see, I’m grooming her to become a LOPE herself. (GCU Antelopes)

I also have been writing more lately with two other ladies. Dr. Marjaneh Gilpatrick and Dr. Tracy Vasquez. Surprisingly, I received our article in the mail as it was in the Principal magazine!

Kinda cool!

Thank you, GCU for the opportunities. So grateful.

Swimming EVERY DAY!

Tot and I don’t ever miss a day.

Even when the clouds hover….

I treasure this time with her.

As you can see, the umbrellas are down today because they just topple over when the storm haunts!

We LOVE to greet on Sundays!

And we love to match. It give us such joy to invest in others every week. We have gotten to know so many lovely people as we just stand there, smile, and greet. Often, they stop and we converse about them and how they are doing. Jan and Jerry and their health issues, Deb and Jeff and their pickle ball games, Lynne and her tummy issues and her trips to Mexico, Tommy/Tricia/Tina and their love of horses….It’s so fun each week to check in with so many and ask how we can pray. Honestly, you forget your own problems when you are focused on others. Also, we get to pray for them! Holy Spirit has such a way to remind us through the week to the needs.

What a joy to do this with my girl.

Austin and the Kitties

The joy of being responsible for another life. It changes us. Case in point: Austin. He adopted these adorable little kitties, and he is filled with so much joy. Hard? Yes. But it’s a good hard. It’s a responsibility that we need in life and it fills us with PURPOSE>

It’s a great step for him! The Tot got to meet the little kits this weekend.

She fell in love and asked to take one home. OH, Coopy. He’d have none of it!

Now we will just have to visit them at Austin’s. She sure enjoyed spending time with her big brother!

Snowbell and Snowball and TWINS!

Sunday, we bought a new fishy! And guess what? Tot wanted Snowball to have a friend even thought Betta fish are loner fish.. SO….she still wanted a female friend.

Enter, Snowbell! i. e. BELLA!

Now they peak through the barrier wondering what is on the other side. We are no different as humans…what is on other side? Is it greener? It’s not better, BTW….bloom where you are planted, right?

She is introducing her babies to the new fishies.

IDEAS June 2022

We love our IDEA night once a month!
I went first:

Daddy has a SUMMARY of all of his ideas!


We are getting these DONE! LOVE IT!
See you in July!