First OFFICIAL day of Homeschool from PVCP!

It’s Wednesday, and PVCP has transitioned to online school for 3 weeks. We went to the school yesterday to pick up all of the paperwork from her class, and now Mrs. Finnamn sends videos/day to explain the work. Let’s see how it goes!

On Tuesday night, I put the schedule together on the whiteboard. Thank goodness for this!

We got started right at 8:34. Not bad! With her workspace all ready (and of course including Nixon, Lopey, and Luke), we were work-prepared.

RING-A-LING: Let’s begin.

She started with three sentences about her Spring Break.

After Spalding, we decided to do a quick walk with Coopy, then we put off recess until we got through Math. This way she had a longer recess/snack. After that, we powered through the rest of the day! It was amazing. She was so focused.

We even included piano, Bible verses, and extra reading….oh and lots of Math fact cards.

I decided to add cooking today. She helped me dinner prep the hamburgers and seasoning..

Salad spinning is always fun.

I figure she is going to be housecleaning and cooking WITH me in the next few weeks. This will enable me to get my own GCU work done during her playtime. I do believe this is going to work and it actually is FUN too! I’m so grateful.

God is using all of this for HIS good. I see so many blessings coming from this time. For example, Doug, Tot and I are spending so much more time together. Doug is able to spend time on our home as well since he can telecommute. His job is NOT in jeopardy as we had feared, (1/2 of Honeywell is going on furlough, but not him) and this gave him confidence about his VALUE to them. That is always reassuring, and I already knew this. We are also getting to serve my mom more than before.

God, you are so good. I love being part of Tatum’s day like this.

More to come!

First day of HOME school (kind of) amidst the Coronovirus

Supposedly, we start online school on Wednesday. We just finished up Spring Break, and we got word that school is closed for a few weeks. Therefore online will begin soon. I did not want to wait until Wednesday, and I wanted a practice, so we started today.

We began the day with devotion and the Pledge. Tatum held the flag, and we all said it. (all of us being Tot and me)
Here is the agenda!

Ok, here we go. Are you ready Coopy? He sure is!

We started with our phonics for the week for review. She was finishing her brekkie.

We had a spelling list for the week, so I gave her a pre-test. How did she do?

Good work!

Now she’ll do her reading and I’ll give her a little test.

Next, it’s ART (my fav!)

She decided to work on a card for Coopy since his birthday is Wednesday. (He’ll be one!)

Snack recess. I got some dinner worked on and cleaned a bit while she played with Cooper. I will do my GCU work later.

Math. I decided to use money and jelly beans. I mean, cmon, let’s make it fun and tasty, right? Plus it makes more sense when you use real life stuff.

She did a few timed sheets, and VOILA!

We are on a roll, Bumby!
Lunchtime with cheese curls of course.

then BIBLE. We went onto SBC website and looked at the lesson since they went online too. A little Luke 1, a little praise and worship, and prayer. Good stuff.

After a quick walk with Cooper, we did our “PE” which was yoga. I turned on Cosmic Kids yoga, and we did 12 poses. Sheesh. I had no idea how hard it would be!
Note to self: Need a yoga mat to avoid head injuries.

Finally, music, which I made piano practice.

Guess what, Taties? YOU DID IT! With God, all things are possible. Even homeschool. heehee

I do GCU work now while she plays. THEN: Time for a bike ride to get outside in this beautiful spring weather. Till next time!

Making the most of “social distancing” and being homebound these few weeks

School will be out for the rest of the year and will be taken online. So, at the end of this Spring Break, we are gearing up for our next few months.

This Coronovirus has completely disrupted the whole world. It’s hard to understand because this virus has created so much disaster for all Americans and their jobs. Yes, there have been deaths, but not compared to the flu or cold. But, I am not in charge and cannot control what happens. God is the one in charge, and although I might disagree with the extent of the quarantine, I must abide by the new rules of being home. I so worry about our economy and the loss of all the jobs. I worry about all the kids at home while working parents need to figure out how to make it all work.

WIth this situation, our family has chosen to make the most of it. We will keep our JOY and our PEACE in the midst of chaos.

Praying FIRST. Then, playing sports, board games, and dancing are going to her our game plan. Last night, we played soccer. Thank goodness we have some of the supplies from when we were coaching. We all laughed hysterically and was NEEDED! Daddy and Tot vs. ME. Fair? Of course!


Go Daddy!

Go Mommy!

Now, this has been our Spring Break, but next week we will begin school. We’re coming up with a schedule which you can stay tuned for.

This week, we started each day with our gratitude journals, Bible, and devotion.

Then, (since the gym is closed) we do our workouts. Those 5 lb’ers are just her size. Along with a bit of jump-roping back and forth a gazillion times.

We then have brekkie and head to the store and/or coffee. I work for a bit while she plays, and then we do art. Today, she drew a cute wee little fishy.

Later, it’s lunch, read, do some math, and play a bit more.

We are trying to avoid too much news, so we will go out for a bike ride since the pools are closed. We await Daddy to get home and play some games and play with Coopy.

It’s been a paradigm shift, but we are making lemonade from this VERY sour lemony times. This too shall pass. (I pray it just doesn’t hurt too many peoples’ lives).

Stay tuned for our SCHOOL plans. One thing I know: It will be completely and totally enriching and FUN.

We wanna ROCK!

And rock we did. She earned a prize for piano.

Some new rocks and a LEGO rock book. Let’s rock it, girl, and learn!

Three different kinds of rocks: Igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.

Now, let’s explore!

We went through each rock and learned about the various characteristics. After we explored, she read Lego Rock Hunters to me. Being a geologist was fun for the day.

The whole world takes a PAUSE with the Coronavirus

It all started when I was getting a colonoscopy in January. Someone mentioned that ASU was stressed about someone spreading this scary virus that came from China. I pretty much disregarded it and chocked it up to another media hyperbolic reaction as usual.

Then, Doug and I were planning a trip to Disney. My brother, Dolly and Tommy were to join us. It was to be the first part of May. As time has approached, the trip would have to be “reconsidered” due to Disneyland closing which has been unprecedented. What is going on?

It continues to spread across the world, but the media does a fine job of scaring us and not giving the full story. There is also politics involved, so we have to be “prudent” as Proverbs 22:3 says. “The prudent see danger and take refuge,  but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.” This was what Pastor Jamie shared with us on Sunday as the church will also take a pause.

Tot’s school will be closed after Spring Break. They have closed all of the schools for two weeks, so now we are homebound.

Movie theaters: Closed

Restaurants: Closed (takeout only)

Church: Closed

Schools: Closed

Gyms: Closed

Malls: Closed

Soccer season: Canceled

Swimming lessons: Canceled

Workplaces: Work from home, please

Any gathering ABOVE 10: Closed

Stores: Lines out the door to buy food. Toilet paper is wiped out. No pun intended.

Daddy has chosen to go into work, but most of Honeywell is telecommuning.

So, Tot and I have a choice: Complain and feel sad, or MAKE THE BEST OF IT! We choose the latter. We are choosing to do a bit of school everyday and a bit of fun.

Picnic at the park!

Time with mama on St. Patrick’s Day.

Must have a green dinner to continue the celebration.

Some watercolor painting:

Yes, under your nose is two lips! Hahahahaha!

And, we decided to start gratitude journaling again after our devotion each morning. REMAIN GRATEFUL amidst the CHAOTIC OUTSIDE> we will not be panicking.

Even Daddy is pausing and helping Tot make jewelry. How cute is he at her little table!

I see this PAUSE as a huge blessing.

Cooper even takes a PAUSE

Maybe God saw the world needed to come together and work as a team. ALSO, that we should all focus on our families and not be soooooo busy constantly. We now have no choice, so I pray we can use this time for GOOD. Growing closer. Making joy. Looking UP!

We love you, Father. Thank you for all you do for us and protecting us. We know you are in control, and your precious will be done.

Skittle Subtraction

She always gets a “last bite” after lunch. (really after all meals, HA!) She wanted a little bag of Skittles, and I said she could have 1/2.

She counted out all of them, and then figured it out.

Hopefully it’s the “bigger half!”

My beautiful family inside and out

I wanted to hire DK Brittain, for another round of pictures since we don’t have any with Austin… and my hubby is looking so dapper. 

We picked a beautiful Wednesday February evening at the Starfire Golf course where we had our reception.

Boy, did they turn out beautiful. My family might look good on the outside, but the inside is even more precious. I’m so grateful. I’m also so glad Austin joined us.

The bumby!
Brother and sister
Climbing higher and higher!
My loving family
The boys
My favorite!
My baby
Hold on, there’s more
My loves
I’ll never let go, lovebug
Handsome dude
Standing on truth sweet girl
Laughing together, and make it a constant part of our lives
I am held.
Holding you!
The future is in your hands, Father
But never forgetting our pasts and what YOU have done for us