Yes, it is truly noted in the Hay household that we note each other. We “note”ice each other. We note to share our love for each other and to share appreciation.

It is my honey, almost every morning, who does this the best.

Each day I get a note on the mirror, and it usually is quite clever!

He starts it, and then I leave a quip in return.

We have quite the collection!

Now, daily, I do put a note in Tatum’s lunch. And guess what? Out of the blue, she’ll respond back with a note for me, but I often receive a little post it on the counter or in the car. LOVE IT!

Noteworthy, I must say.

So, let it be known, that you should never take for granted your family. Make sure you tell them daily how much you love and appreciate them. A note is just another noteworthy way to communicate. (Heart)

Her first Speech Meet!

She’s all ready. She’s been practicing for weeks now! Daily, we make a video and we watch it to find the best ways to present. I love her dedication.

She even put on some patriotic bows in her hair to match her speech.

We arrived early and met some friends.

They split up the meet into morning and afternoon. The morning was 1st-4th, and from that, only about 8 girls were represented from PVCP. Only 4 were first graders.

She competed in the POETRY section; there were about 20 other first graders in her group.

She got up in front of the 3 judges, and gave her name and started her speech. She missed one word and it threw her off. She KEPT GOING with a smile, and then she sat down. (with a bit of a frown).

I know she was disappointed, but her attitude rocked> She knows next year she’ll try again, yet she’ll know what to expect.

She still got a red ribbon and a big smile. I’m so proud of her courage and efforts

Later that night I gave her this card:

I love you Tatum Hay. You keep being YOU and don’t ever give up.

There are those days….

When all I can do is be grateful.

It started out as a rough morning with Tatum. We are trying out different strategies to get out of the house on time. I don’t like being a naggy ninny. I also don’t like rushing. So, how do we get our child out the door without either?

It’s a work in progress. This morning, Tatum and I did our gratitude journals separately and we barely spoke. As it broke my heart, I knew that we would talk it out in the car.

I was silent for a while, and then she hugged me from behind at a stoplight. She continued to tell me how much she loves me. It was such a wonderful discussion that it provided me with so much hope about her maturation. I see her growing and blossoming with a repentant heart and a desire to do what is right. I’m not looking for perfection. I’m looking for a desire and hunger to fall in love with Jesus and follow Him and His ways.

What I love most about our family, the Hays, is that we talk things out. Things might go wrong in the moment, but they don’t stay that way. We storm through it, and then we discuss, pray and repent making it all better and RIGHT. Relationships require work! Walls will not be allowed to build in our family.

I love you, Tatum. I love you little Hay. I love you, Doug for being our daddy.

Javelinas were huh..huh…hovering in our yard

I take Cooper out for one last relief at night. Tonight, it was not so relieving. Nope.

As I walked toward the grassy area outside our back patio, there they were.

Javelinas just making themselves at home. I whisked Coopy in my arms and ran inside.

We opened up the back door (there is a large wall separating us), and one stared right at us.

GULP. Cooper would have been their dessert.

Moral of the story: Javelinas are not known for their kindness; Keep your puppy close and your eyes constantly open. EEK!

Mama. We just love you!

I got to spend some time with Mama this week. We went to the Phoenix Art Museum’s car show.

The car greeting us was a 1911 Franklin!

Yes, this jalopy could go up to 80 mph.

Mercedes, Maseratis, Ferraris, Bugatis… So much history about cars and their evolution.

Later, we went home to see Coti, and I brought Tatum to join.

Yes, Coti still gets so much love.

Mama, we are praying for you to get some good sleep and for your test results to be informative. We know it’s going to get better. We love you so much.

You were built for speed too!

She prays for her imagination

Ever since she was teensy weensy, Tatum has had an extraordinary imagination. I liken it to a few things. First, I never allowed her to say, “I’m bo_ed; I don’t know what to do.” I would always say, “Figure something out and make it work!” She ALWAYS made the most fun out of the simplest of items. For example, she’d take colored cubes and make them into characters. This would last hours! Second, we have read 30 minutes a day ever since she was a baby. This definitely has helped her brain. Also, she is an only, and so she has had to entertain herself when I cannot.

Often, I find her in her room, talking to her “kids.” She is just giving them advice on life.

Bella is getting an earful here as she teaches her about Jesus.

Sometimes, she just reads to them.

And now she can truly read, so it is quite empowering.

Lately, she has been praying, “God, help me with my imagination and make it stronger.” I love her desire to expand it! Her creativity continues to inspire me.

Oh, little Tot, you are amazing. (she is wearing her “braided” hair).

Daddy and I just adore you and love watching you.

Coopy does too!

Smile! We love your mind, heart, and soul.

Making a tough Saturday bright; The Hay’s don’t stay down

We were going to have a fun-filled day with Liam’s birthday party, some crafts, and a movie in the evening.

Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan. Tatum had a few hiccups this morning with a bit of disrespect and some self-control problems. They were enough for me to say that we would not be going to the party. This consequence hurt so bad because we were BOTH looking forward to this party. But, the payoff is worth the pain. Since it stung so badly, I know this will make an impact.

In the car later, she agreed that this was the right thing to do as much as it hurt. She probably told me 100 times today that she loved me, and she also gave Daddy a million hugs. She knew we wouldn’t change our minds, and she accepted the consequence. She even made thank you cards today for her teachers. We told her that one day she’ll be glad we care enough to discipline her.

Then, when Daddy went out to his truck, he found a hammer inside and a busted dashboard. Someone tried to steal it overnight. So, the cops had to come and take a report and DNA evidence. Thank goodness the criminal left the hammer for this!

Tatum was instantly SO GRATEFUL she has a daddy to protect her from bad guys. Having Daddy around is one thing but to have him so loving and adoring is quite another. He wouldn’t let ANYTHING happen to us.

Tatum knew this would cost money; she disappeared into her room for a while and came back with this money: $27.

She said, Daddy this is for your truck. Doug put it in an envelope and put it in the cabinet. He said, I will keep this in here and we’ll just see what we’ll do. He has every intention to return it, but he wanted her to know how deeply appreciative he is and how much her kindness was taken seriously.

She later lost a tooth while playing, and didn’t let that stop her sense of humor.

Yes, she not only made me laugh, she is getting to get a visit from the tooth fairy tonight. I love how God makes some bright spots is a hard day.

Later, in the night, we all sat down for a celebration of reading the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe which Tot and I read. I had saved this book until she was 8, but I figured she was mature enough at 6. Was I right!

The day was turned around, and Tatum was sure awakened. Making the discipline stick was one of the hardest thing I had to do as a parent. I wanted to give her the world today, but I had to withhold the blessings until she is ready. She will be victorious in her battle with sometimes listening to the wrong voice. I know this because she has HIM. She has the Holy Spirit, and she has us fighting with her.

Hay’s, I’m so grateful to be part of this family. God is so good to us.