I get to be her MOMMY!

My Tot.

Being her mom is the best honor ever. This is not something I achieve. This is something that happens by loving; a love that can only come from a heart created by Jesus. That’s what makes me want to be a better mom and the thing that makes me love her beyond my own ability.

This love makes me want to constantly  snuggle and cuddle AND goof around!


Her class had a little celebration for the mommies.

And you know what? I had no idea I was such a good tickler! 

I love you Tot beyond measure.


How many ways can you make oatmeal fun?

We are trying to find out.

Now, don’t you just want to dig in?
A bit of maple, vanilla stevia, cottage cheese, cashew milk; topped with a few multi grained cheerios, banana pieces and sugar free chocolate chips. Simple and delicioso and smiley!

Valuing each other

Do you know your value? Do you share how much you value each other?

We always share how much we mean to each other. Mama, we love you!

Tot, you are worth more than you’ll ever even understand.

When I look at your bright eyes and shining smile….


I bask in gratitude.