Kindness no matter what

Mothering is like farming. You plant seeds, water, fertilize and then wait. Ideally, you see flowers along the journey to the ultimate crop of bright colorful vegetables, but sometimes it just feels, well, like you are running out of water. The enjoyment of being around Tatum trumps anything I may be missing out on, but the sheer fact that she is testing the boundaries keeps me on my toes. It also challenges my emotions because if you are not careful, you can take it personally!

Knowing it may have been too cold, and Tatum was a bit tired, I still decided to take her to the train park after her nap. The whole time, she kept me on my toes with running another way, not following directions, and just plain whining and complaining. What made it worse was that I was not planning on taking her on the choo-choo, but to my surprise, I found $10 in my fleece pullover which I had not worn in two years. Love when that happens! So, I said she could pick between that and the up and down. The up and down was more suited to the theme of this park experience, but she chose the choo-choo. Sadly she did not want me to touch or hold her the whole time. Then when we got off, she whined about leaving even though I had told her that we were headed home.


That evening, she had her dinner, we read a few books with more struggle and then when I put her down, it all came apparent to what was going on. She was EXHAUSTED. This was no excuse, but it definitely made me realize how ornery we can be when we are so tired. She will continue to learn that kindness still must be pursued no matter how you feel.

Modeling kindness can come in many forms; and this season, we are doing BLESSING BAGS. Perhaps Tatum can sense that the world is not only about her needs being met immediately. My Mimi Blossom cookies fill the bags, and we take a couple with us every day. Then, when prompted by HIS VOICE to just give one away to someone, we do, spontaneously.

IMG_5954Tis the season to understand that we are KIND, no matter what.


Thank you is such an understatement!

IMG_5918Just another Thursday….Really. For me, Thanksgiving is a daily practice. The only difference was some delicious food with my amazing family, actually doing my hair with a hairdryer and hairspray, and putting Tatum in the cutest doggie dress of all time.


Whenever we walk in the Kramer’s house, Nyla (Lala) greets us with a huge smile. Her ability to teach Tot the fist pump with flair amazes me.
IMG_2538 IMG_2540


She immediately noticed Thomas, James, and Henry all set up, yet something else green (besides atrain) had her eye .



IMG_2543 IMG_2553

Limes look so inviting. Until you take a bite out of it expecting an orange. 

Kelly and James (and Barbara) made the best TWO turkeys, gravy ever. I could put gravy on my shoe and I’d probably eat it. The rest of the dinner was thanks to Morgy and Nyla (our next Iron Chef at 12)

Kelly showed us her new schwanky bracelet from her adorable hubby and Levi crashed on the couch due to riding 100 miles on his bike (on purpose.)
IMG_2566 IMG_2569

While we waited for dinner, Tot discovered Kelly’s green platforms. I’m grateful for her not hitting her head. She could have put an eye out. IMG_5935




Dinner. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Then it was time for Tatum to discover “baby’s” bed and instead of putting them to bed, she put herself to bed. IMG_2587 IMG_2595
Delicious, Delightful, De-Lovely. What a glorious day.