Moving and Grooving!

So, it’s getting there! Yes, Doug, my love and my sweet Tot and I are all going to be united on Saturday! This means that we need to get movin’. Literally. We are going to live in my condo while our home gets remodeled. In the meantime, we are praying for Doug’s Chandler home to sell!

I have been spending the week packing up Tot’s and my room, and various other parts of mom’s house. WOW~ 75 boxes. Half the boxes are books. Ha!
Here is the evidence.

Tatum is sitting there wondering….where is my stuff, Mommy?

We make do with books I put aside and read.

Now, I asked these wonderful movers, Moving Team 6, to move us. They are a company of men who love our country and our veterans.

Oh, see that stroller? That was Tot’s like 3 years ago! It’s a bit dusty. Anyhoo….

They, Jose and Josh, sure did a magnificent job.

Into the teeny condo we go. Will it all fit? After much lifting, unscrewing and screwing back in, it did. Now the question is will Doug’s fit? OOPS!

She’s practicing at her new desk. We have a ways to go, but it’s happening.

4 days left, and I’ll be MRS. DOUGLAS HAY. Tatum has already been telling her class that her name is Tatum Hay. Hey!!


Our God reigns. We know this because He makes himself known to us in various ways. Take the rainbow. Now a scientist could say, oh that is just an “arch of colors formed in the sky in certain circumstances, caused by the refraction and dispersion of the sun’s light by rain or other water droplets in the atmosphere.”

Oh, sure. Yes, it sure is. But Mr. scientist, what does all this come from? Accidental explosions of two forms of matter coming together?

All I know is that I choose to see HIM in my day. Today, driving home from piano, we began to see His glory:

Then it continued to become more clear. Just like HIM. He becomes more clear in my day as I focus on HIS work in me. (remember, it’s a choice I make). As a circumstance will occur that might seem completely unfair and frustrating, I can choose to see Him in it and trust that He is REIGNING and in charge…and “that He makes all things work for the good”; OR I can whine and stomp my feet and complain of unfairness. Nope.

And soon, as we continue to put our FAITH in HIM and keep going, it all makes sense, and the whole rainbow appears in its shining glory.

Ahhhhh. God you reign.

Did Phil see his shadow? Let’s celebrate in puddles

Well, it is the question every year. Will Punxsutawney Phil predict an early spring?

Inquiring minds want to know! Tatum, of course, wants LESS winter, so she said absolutely not….he’ll not even peak at his shadow if Tatum has a say.

We decided to draw him because that is just the way we roll.

And isn’t he so cute? Phil did not see his shadow, and Tatum is rejoicing. Does she realize we are in ARIZONA where we WANT more winter????? She seems to be enjoying the rain.

What more would YOU want to do in the rain but jump in the puddles?

This is how she celebrated. I had to pull her away from the mud because it started to get way to fun and she was getting way too dirty! Oh, well…you might as well enjoy it while it’s here.

Tips for Testing!

Tatum and I prepare for her Friday test through the week. She plays teacher usually on Thursday with me so we can practice. She does such a good job reviewing the phonics with us. We sing and chant to learn them!

So I have given her TWO tips for her test and she pinkie promised she’d do them. The reason is usually if she misses one it’s because she mistook the subtraction sign for an addition one or she just missed doing a problem. Both completely avoidable.

  1. Whisper or mouth the problem to yourself. For example, if it says, 5 + 1, mouth to yourself 5 + 1. This will allow your brain to see the addition sign and make it stick in your mind. There is power in speaking it!!!
  2. ALWAYS scan your paper before you turn it in. Go through the whole thing with your finger to make sure you didn’t miss one.

There, honey. You can do it now! I’m so proud of your hard efforts.