Modeling vs Telling

Years of teaching and reading many sagacious articles, I’m seeing the power of her copying what I do. This is a HUGE plus IF I’m engaging in positive behavior, so this keeps me constantly aware of what I’m doing and what I’m saying (plus, how I’m saying it.)

When one walks in the room, she says, “Hi!” with a big smile.

When one gives her something, no matter what it is, she gladly says, “Tank ewe!”

When she wants something from the refrigerator, she looks and sees, “Pees!?”

When she accidentally spills her water, she blurts, “Uh oh”, grabs a towel and starts wiping!

(She wanted to drink out of the cup and not spill, so she tried very hard, then laughed when she spilled a bit. My water bottle is the size of her body, so I gave her the lid to practice)

When I say, please don’t touch that (like my computer), I distract her and celebrate what she is doing instead. (it’s slowly taking effect)

When I want her to put her shoes away, she gladly walks over and puts BOTH away, and the same goes for when I want her to bring me her shoes, book, water…etc. She does it and I greatly rejoice.

Smart girl, this Tatum, and I have to keep up with her. I do put way too much pressure on myself to be perfect, and not make one error in raising her. The beauty about Tatum is she keeps me laughing; her sense of humor and smile melt my heart and keep me in the moment vs. analyzing every little thing. IMG_4760


Carpe Diem



Ears to Nose to Tummy

It’s been a long haul of ear infections, colds, and now, stomach problems. It’s the chicken and the egg theory. Was it the ear infection number one that brought on the cold that brought on ear infection number two? Or maybe ear infection number one never healed and the cold just occurred. Ear infection number two led to Augmentin which led to diarrhea and the 5 upchuckings of egg, banana and milk which led to a lovely odor in the car seat baking in the 100 degree weather. And now? She is getting her molars which is making all of this so much more fun for all of us! So, whatever was the genesis of this whole encounter should feel really bad because this little girl is having a tough go!

I had to pick her up from school since she was sick, and all she wanted to do was relax. Feeling a bit like settling down, she decided to mimic the doggie.
IMG_4751 IMG_4752 IMG_4754 IMG_4755 IMG_4756 IMG_4758He just wanted to comfort her. I am amazed at the amount of love she has for her “dahy.” Her ability to adore and love on something (like her “baby”) shows me her heart. 

The rest of the day it was water water water and lots of hugs. We switched to Omnicef, and based on my experience selling Cephalosporins, I know this is a winner. Preferably, I’d rather her not be on Antibiotics.