Happy Birthday, Sandrine! (our sponsored child)

Today, Tatum made a card for Sandrine. She is going to be 14 years old!

We sponsored her back in February from Food for the Hungry.

Sandrine lives in Rwanda, and she dreams of being a nurse one day. Tatum wanted to draw her some bears and give her a hug! The bear apparently likes bananas which is a staple food in Rwanda.

Hope she loves it!

Bait ‘n’ Surf: Tatum and Mommy’s second book!

Piggie and Puppy are back! Remember book one, Piggie and Puppy at the Beach?

Tatum and I decided to write a sequel since we were studying fairy tales this summer.

We worked on our rough draft and ideated for weeks. Man, we couldn’t come up with a theme, but we landed on the challenge of temptation. We had been studying this term in the Bible (and if experienced in our lives!) and had read many verses about staying focused on Christ and having wisdom with decisions/discernment.

Here are our notes and our dialogue. We had to plan out each page. (The parenthesis means we don’t write that but draw it).

Ok, we are ready to create the book. Coming up with a title was the last hurdle, but more on that later.

We wanted Piggie to be tempted by a “villian” since a fairy tale has this feature. He was warned by a “curious bird,” and then was tempted by the villain. The reader has to guess what will happen (and root for Piggie to make the wise choice).

We chose “Bait ‘n’ Surf” for our title as a play on Bait and Switch. Piggie is being baited and then gets to surf.


Now the first couple pages:

Ok, now for the curious bird who approaches with a WARNING. All fairy tales have this!

Puppy returns.

And the villian now is introduced. (We love Petey the Cat in the Dogman books, so thanks to Dav Pilkey for this).

Hmmmm…..pink magic? Sounds fishy. The reader is worried. Piggie!! Don’t listen to him!

He is faced with a choice. We all face temptation daily, and how do we choose what is right?

(Well, Tot and I turn to prayer and the Holy Spirit speaks to us, but we kept this part out). The reader now is to wonder, what color is he using as he surfs against gorilla!??

Aaahhhh, good choice, Piggie. (as he holds up his blue ribbon and the bird is giving a thumbs up. Petey is disturbed).

And our tag line of “The End.”

What fun. We had a blast making our book. Now we are ready for our next book. Oh, the work never ends for us authors. HEE!

Teaching Zoe to read: Part 2

Zoe and Tatum had a playdate today. Tatum wanted Zoe to read, so she pulled out one of her ABC books and showed her.

Then, Zoe wanted me to see how she was doing. Tatum was so proud of her!

What encouragement! Go ZOE!

This time, Zoe did not protest, but got excited! YEAH!!!

She worked so hard: Circle People

Seriously! I was so busy one day on Zoom and work, so Tot focused on her art. I had no clue she was creating mini-masterpieces of Circle People!


She just started coloring two of them.

I want to create some books with these characters!

What do you think, Coopy?

Hey, Hay! Hay Happens Surprise

I love to put fun events on our calendar to anticipate. That is half the fun!
Well, I made invitations….

And handed out to each of my Hay clan.

And off we went. Last year, we had so much fun there, so we decided to return. Only one other family was in the whole place, so we didn’t wear our masks.

But I did have my toes on!

Ok, we are ready! First putt:

And stopped along the way to pose with the wildlife.

And various onlookers.

For the last hole, we had to enter the tunnel of “you are almost there so get excited!”

That last hole got me the win as ONE point separated Daddy and me. (52 to 53)

Till next time, Glow Putt! You put a smile on all of our faces.

Another Two Girl “TWO”sday with Brekkie

With the virus “panic”demic, Tot and I had a hard time finding a place that was open for breakfast. I was to surprise her today with a breakfast from Scramble, but they were delivery only, so we tried Wildflower. Closed till 10am. Then, Panera. Success!

I ordered Tot an avocado, egg white bagel sandwich, and she was in heaven.

Where did it go?

She read to me some Superbook Bible characters as we laughed and chatted.

We had so much fun. I love spending time with the TOT.

Tatum’s Remorseful Responses

One thing I have discovered about Tatum. She has STRONG EMOTIONS and she often does not know how to control them. If she experiences anger, she acts out sometimes inappropriately. If she experiences frustration, she may act out in a way that could have been more controlled. If she has a disappointment, well, she may run into her room and want to hide. If she has messed up, TOT FEELS IT> her guilt and shame cause her to want to fix it IMMEDIATELY. It’s one of her best qualities, but what we are trying to teach her is that the feeling isn’t bad; it’s what you do with it. Let’s work on that.

She has come a long way in 6 months, but she still has a bit of a way to go with self-control. Some adults have never learned this, so we want her to experience the negative with US and not in the outside world. It’s a blessing.

Usually, if it’s quiet in her bedroom, she is creating something. A card; a poster (like a reminder); a book.

For Daddy, she created some cards just to let him know she loves him so.

She depicts her heart in pictures.

She recently made me a book to tell me how much she loves doing things together.

Daddy and I literally have a stack of cards and notes with I’m sorry and I love you. On the iPad the other day, she made this and sent it to my messages. (she did the same for Daddy).

Tot, I love your heart. David was a man after God’s own heart. “A broken and contrite heart you do not despise.” Ps 51:17. You have this same response. May you continue to feel strongly and react rightly. I love you.