The least is the best. The last is the first: RICH STRIKE!!!

We love to watch the horses race in the Derby. This year, there was a long list of leaders whom we all followed and studied. Little did we know what would happen.

My mom made some fun cookies for the day:

At the time to race, they all approached the starting gate. 1-21. Twenty-one horses. The last horse to enter the race, 21, nobody even gave a look. He was 80-1! Impossible odds. In fact, the camera didn’t even have him in the screen most of the race because the announcer was focused on the five leaders. (We had to watch it over and over to see 21).

Right near the end of the race, a horse in red came through the middle right neck and neck with Epicenter (the favorite). He came from NOWHERE!

He was running his legs off! It was unbelievable!

And guess what? He pulled in FRONT right at the end and…….

HE won!!

It was the best race I have ever seen!

Lessons we can learn:

Rich Strike, you are an inspiration. Sonny Leon, the rider, gave all the credit to God.

Amen. We will commit to being the best WE can be and let’s go encourage others. You never know how you’ll impact the world.

Quirky Coopy


Every day, Coopy sleeps on the chair; I mean he is completely OUT all day. Doug is usually home in the office, and Coopy really could care less.


He hears the garage door and I walk into the mudroom.

He greets me and DARTS towards the office to say to Doug, “SHE’S HOME; SHE’S HOME!!! LET’S PLAY!” And alas…the door is closed for he is in a meeting.

NOOOOOOOO!!!! Wag wag wag…. But Daddy?
Ok, so then when it’s time for Tot and I to leave for school, he wishes he could climb in.

Darn. More disappointment Coopy.

We love you so much. Luckily you have wildlife to look at while we are gone. …like this beautiful crane who came to visit.

Disappointment is a part of life, my little puffball.

Planting Seeds of Kindness and more SUNDAY fun

You heard about our Sunday morning. Always a joy to greet and be with our SBC community.

More fun continued through our day. We love to go to our Condo pool and visit Zoe (Jeff’s daughter). We also love Jeff! Tot and Zoe love to play together.

Zoe, being 7, is feeling 10 today as she tries to lift Tot.

Do you think it turned out OK? I didn’t capture the “after,” but alas….Zoe proved to be only 7 in her lifting abilities. (kaboom).

After we arrived home and showered, we had our Sunday Hay Happens meeting. We usually do a devotion, and this was today’s.

So I asked Tot and Daddy to draw what that might look like this week.
Tatum will help someone carry something heavy, and she’ll visualize Baby Jesus.

We love the LAW of sowing and reaping. Why? Because it works!! We shall sow the kind seeds all week.

Doug will be loving on me more this week and it will blossom into Tot. I love his pictures! He knows how to spread kindness seeds without even realizing it.

I am thinking of different scenarios through my week.

Time with Chris; time with Mama, time and service to my family; loving on my REACH girl’s group.

Let’s always remember what you plant is what you get back in multiple amounts. May it be kindness this week!

Our Heavenly Sanctuary; Jesus provided the final payment

And for that, we live in gratitude.

This was the May calendar opening today! We are always. G.R.A.T.E.F.U.L

We got ready for church and Tatum wanted my picture. She has a watch that takes pics.

Cooper is feeling left out, so we posed.


We are all ready to go and greet at the early service.

Now…..AAHHHH>>>THE message:

Thank you Father for your compassion. You wanted a relationship with us. A DIRECT one on one relationship. BUT, there had to be a payment for all the sins; You cannot be in the presence of sin. No longer is the unblemished lamb needed.

No, Jesus took on ALL of it as the unblemished lamb now. That is what Kevin preached on today. Hebrews 9.

One and done. Over. Finished. We are JUSTIFIED> You see us “just…if…I..never sinned.”

And for that. WE LIVE IN GRATITUDE. (and we look to the day of our Heavenly sanctuary as we live each day in our earthly bodies making the most of our time on earth.) (Thank you Jesus for interceding for us as you sit at THE FATHER’S RIGHT HAND).

Hay Teamwork! Lemonade Stand was sweet

From Tatum’s idea journal back in the fall, we decided to open up a business when it got warmer. It seemed like we kept putting it off, but finally this weekend, it was time. It’s soon to get too hot.

We first watched a few videos on successful business practices for our mini-entrepreneur. We also watched many Shark Tank shows to inspire.

Of course, we had our list of all the things. ALLLLLL the things to make it successful. Doug pitched in with his ideas, and oh how valuable! As a team, we all worked on it. I ventured to Fry’s to get the first needs.

Then I got to work on the baking. My Mimi Blossoms and my whipped shortbread cookies would be the sweets, and Country Time (we opted for easy vs. carpal tunnel from all the squeezing!

Then it was time do some marketing. Tatum woke up at 5am and made fliers. I told her I’d make copies, but she opted to make each one by hand.

She went around and gave them to neighbors. Overawesome. (ha!) A Tot-created word non-hyphenated. (no puns intended here)

Now, it’s time to make our big sign and get all the goodies together. My HERO HHH found this awesome credenza and table in the garage and got it all cozy for us. The set-up is perfect!! In fact, our neighbors came by asking when we were opening!

We set the prices just right. A dollar for each item and a free rock for the Homeless. (Tot’s idea)

Ok! We are ready!!!

I spend the next two hours hanging and helping.


Tatum wanted more traffic, so she pulled out the BIG DADDY!

Get your ice cold lemonade! It’s HOT! H.O.T!

On her journey yodeling the Lemonade Mantra, she happens upon some landscapers who were H.O.T!!!! She ran back to tell me she wanted to give them free lemonade and cookies. Of course! (She did this a couple of times).

Well, you reap what you sow. From more than three people, she got a 20 dollar bill and a “keep the change” response. It all comes back when you GIVE, Tot!
One guy gave her…

So, at the end of the day, she pulled in $91 (less 20 since Daddy gave us 20 one’s so we’d have change).

Two tens and a five for just two cookies. Just wow!

Then the doorbell rang. It was a landscaper. He handed her a $10 and a thank you. Again, you reap what you sow TOT! Sow kindness seeds; receive a bushel of kindness

What fun! Stay tuned for next weekend. Probably one more chance before the heat. I am so proud of our family! We all pulled it off together.