My Praying Life and HIS Gifts to me

Every single day, I write in a gratitude journal. Starting the day off with a reason to be grateful gets my mind and heart aligned with God. It doesn’t end there. It only is just the beginning. My Bible gives me wisdom as this week I study Hebrews and fall deeper in love with my Savior. But, you see, prayer is my direct connection to my Daddy. My Father. My Lord. My Savior. I also want to engage the Holy Spirit (HIM inside of me), so I talk to Him. Constantly. “Pray without ceasing….” (1Thess 5:15).

Just this morning, on the way to school, Tatum and I listened to a song by Lincoln Brewster, The Power of Your Name. Here are some of the lyrics:

And I will live, to carry your compassion
to love a world that’s broken
to be your hands and feet

and I will give,
with the life that I’ve been given
to go beyond religion
to see the world be changed, by the power of your name

I couldn’t help but weep. It stayed with me all day, and I thought, how can I make a difference in all that I do? How can I pray for my loved ones today?

First, I wanted to lift up TATUM. She would go to school with a new game to try with the kids and a positive attitude. I prayed for her to be Jesus’ hands and feet with kindness. She has so much love in her heart.

I prayed for my honey. First, he looks so cute with his new pants and belt/shoes to match. Use him at his work and protect his heart. Give him wisdom with his decisions today. He is so loved and appreciated.

I lifted up my Mom. Keep her warm in your arms, Father! Keep her healthy, help her sleep deeply and long, and give her a long healthy life! I love you so much; we ALL DO!!!

I prayed for Austin. Oh, dear Austin! We will all be closer one day, I know it. You’re launching and getting on your feet in a strong way. Lord, continue to bless his steps and his journey! Help him grow in hunger for you, Jesus!

Then there’s the sweet little guy. May he not fall ill from his chewed toys. Oh Cooper.

He just can’t get cuter. THANK YOU FOR HIS KIND SPIRIT.

He is the reminder of YOUR love for me! He is always so loving and kind.

Today, the day did not go as planned. I had a blowout on the freeway,

but God was IN THE WHOLE THING. It happened near a gas station; I had cancelled an appt, and if I wouldn’t have, I would have been late to pick up Tot. Also, this nice attendant helped me (when he was told he shouldn’t by his boss..liability issues). He said he always errs on the side of caring and serving.

So many ways God was watching over me. When we all came together for dinner, I found many of my prayers answered for Tatum and Doug. My mom even had a great sleep from the prior evening.

We can choose to focus on the flat tires in our lives, or we can choose to focus on the spare tires that we all have. That extra dose of “It’s going to be OK, and I’m with you always.” (like that tire in our trunk). God is reliable, trustworthy, and EVER PRESENT in times of trouble.

I end every evening with some more reading, praying and of course, this little guy. He loves to love on us, but tonight, I think he was just being grateful for his mommy.

I’m grateful for my family, and especially my Lord, my God, my Savior.

Yes, we find any reason to celebrate. Cooper’s 5 month birthday!

He will never eat kibble again. I’ve ruined him.

It was only fair to give him some whipped cream while we had our hot fudge sundaes. Tatum got all dressed up for the party!

She gave him a birthday hug, as he held on for dear life.

We then gave him his card and his new toy. Yes, we are trying to man up the little guy.

Maybe the football will help?


We love you sweet boy!

Tatum making the best out of a heartbreak: Simon Says Get Your Wiggles Out

Tatum has been BBBBBBF (best best best….friends) with Charlotte since last year. They were inseparable.

This year, Tatum gets into the car daily with a little story of how Charlotte ignored her or didn’t want to play with her. For example, they play kickball daily, and today, Charlotte told Tatum to go on the other team. Then the other team said they didn’t want her on their team but to go back to Charlotte’s team. She ended up leaving the game because she felt not wanted. Charlotte really hurt her feelings. This isn’t new. It happens daily. Tatum is never mean back. In fact, she asked Charlotte if they were still best friends.

Well, this just breaks MY HEART as I hear these things. I know there are two sides, but I did witness Charlotte ignoring Tatum when she excitedly approached her in the morning. Ugh….girl drama is starting, and I cannot protect her from it. Oh, that her heart would never be hurt or wrinkled. However, this will help her to grow. Her sensitive heart is so much like mine! It’s a blessing and a curse to have such a sensitive heart. (You get hurt a lot, but how can I teach her that it might not be personal or that this might not be a real friend?)

In the car, I tried not to lecture about friendships. I just empathized. I did say, however, that a real friend is a friend at all times. (Tatum had shared that during the day, Charlotte will be her best friend, and then ignore her the rest; it’s like a friendship built on sand, not rock) Tatum, maybe give her space?

THEN IT HAPPENED> She said, “Mommy, on Monday, I’m going to come up with a game and see if anyone wants to play.” SHE IS BEING A LEADER AND NOT LETTING THE HEARTBREAK CONTROL HER.

She brainstormed the game and came up with Simon Says Get your Wiggles Out.

That night, Daddy had the idea that she have a prop of some sort to make it fun. Tatum thought a remote or a phone would be fun. The one who is “IT” would have to hold the device and use it for leading the group. So I provided the cardboard, and she got to work.

How cute!!!

Ok, then we practiced. I encouraged her not to tell the kids that she was in charge. Allow others to be “IT,” and don’t be the boss of everyone. Make it fun for everyone.

So she practiced how she would get the kids to play and then we practiced.

Cooper did great following the Simon Says prompts.

Tatum, you are learning so much. Humans are human, and sometimes you’ll get hurt. Just don’t be mean back. EVER!! Think how Jesus would respond; continue being YOU and don’t let anyone steal your spirit. Just YOU be a good friend, and I promise the friends you make will respect you and will be friends back. I love you and am so proud of you.

Just Gotta Dance and Sing!

What gets you out of your seat? What motivates you to tap your feet? If you don’t do these things while watching Singin’ in the Rain, then you don’t have a pulse. Really.

Even Cooper was taken aback by all the excitement. He was glued!

What happened next will make you want to dance!
Daddy and Tot inspiringly arose and couldn’t help themselves.

I think Cooper wished he was twirling as well. We had so much fun watching Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. They were so light on their feet, and they sang like angelic beings.

Thank you, family, for making it a party!

Cooper’s fluff and stuff

He had that look. A bit of crying this morning, but lots of chewing. Then, Tatum noticed he had some blood on his fur. What???? Oh!!! She found the culprit.

His baby fang? I didn’t know fangs could be so cute.

Good thing today was his big grooming day! His first one. He would visit Leti at Applewood; she is the one who does Coti, so she knows the drill.

He rode with me in the car looking as cute and disheveled as ever.

Oh, Cooper. He saw Leti and was not scared at all.

Then when I picked him up…..HE LOOKED……..

Fluffy and so happy!

We love you little fluff ball. Now grow some real fangs! GRRRRRRRR…..

August 22nd, 2019. Seven years ago today

Was near close to the best day of my life and would change my life forever.

It was seven years ago that a phone call came to me from Dr. Kaufman. He would tell me about an unborn baby and then introduce me to the birth mom. The birth mom chose me to be the mommy, and exactly three months later, I was in the birthing room holding my brand new daughter; a gift from God.

I surprised Tatum when she got home with a little card. We are going to celebrate next week, but I wanted to recognize the day!

She was my sweet baby. (and still is).

We had a little ice cream to celebrate.

Not a day goes by that I don’t tell her how much I love and treasure her.

Stay tuned for the real celebration next week.

Another FIRST! Tatum’s first A/R test.

She was the FIRST person in her FIRST grade class to take the FIRST A/R test. To be able to do this, she had to have passed all of her site words. She did this back in Kindergarten in February..

but they still tested her this first week.

She came home and read me the book. The First Day of School. I’m seeing a FIRST theme here.

The book was so close to she and Cooper having to say goodbye for the first day of school. (the boy in the book had a new puppy, Cookie).

Welllllllll, the next day, Mrs. Finnman stopped me in the parking lot to tell me Tatum had good news.

She was the ONLY one to pass in her class of 17.

WOW! She came home with a new book and can’t wait to get started.

I was the FIRST to give her the biggest hug and kiss.

So proud of you and your brain. (This is secondary to your beautiful heart, my sweet).