Little Tatum?

Every day, well, most days, I travel along Tatum Boulevard to get to my many destinations. One of them is Tatum’s school! On the way home, between Shea and Lincoln in Paradise Valley,  there lies a street that gives me a smile.

Yes, it’s a teeny tiny private  road with three enormous houses on it.

Now, the smile comes from the fact that she is quite little, like the road, but she is not at all little in personality (e.g the enormous homes that reside there)

Just this Sunday, I volunteered in her class at church. I even got to teach the lesson that morning.

When we arrived bright and early before the crowds, we spotted the Christmas trees! So pretty.

We headed to the classroom to set it up. As usual, it was a nice group of kiddos. This particular morning, Tatum was a bit needy, interrupting my lesson. This, along with a few other foibles, sent me to the “I need a time out” chair. When we got home, I had to take a few breaths, and then talk to her. She knew I was upset.

She walked into my room with this picture she created:

She pointed out that it was she and I looking at the sunshine. We always see the bright side together. She didn’t realize how symbolic she was being. Our relationship is filled with all sorts of emotions, but one this is never-changing. The bright beautiful sun which God created. This sun shines on both of us at all times, and makes all things work together for HIS good. It’s all part of the journey.

Later that night, I was a bit forlorn, and I mentioned that sometimes it’s just hard doing the momming by myself. She pointed to the sky. “Mommy, God is right there with you as my daddy.” HUHHHHHHH!? From the mouth of this light. This little Tatum. This BRIGHT shining LITTLE Tatum.


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