Robot Puppet Day

We made it so.

Today’s craft? Recycled parts of mismashed items into a wonder robot puppet. Thanks to some research online and coming upon this expert’s site (since I have not the talent or creativity).  I found this little gem filled with ideas and tools to help this amateur artist.

First thing I had to do was find some of her old artwork and make some various squares and rectangles. I cut them up and put them in piles.

Then, it was time to decorate the head. (the smaller square).

We had all sorts of eyeballs, sparkly pieces, buttons and stickers to make the decorations.

Body time:

We then stuck the head to the body and picked out some legs and arms while Coti watched of course

Using brads, we connected the arms and legs.

Then we added the stick which was just removed from a hanger (the cardboard piece). A popsicle stick at the top and some glue did the trick. VOILA!

What do you think Coti?

Rolan and Pogan. At least these are the names of the moment. The show shall begin!

For the piece de resistance, Tatum decided to retire to the closet for some quiet coloring.

Puppeteering is quite tiring!

Stay tuned for more “artistic” work with the Tot and me!

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