Her new library card!

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning, and we decided to hit the library. As usual, it was packed full of little ones waiting for a class of some sort to start. Tatum and I decided to avoid the play area first and go get her a library card.

We walked up to the help lady, and I said we needed up library card. She asked for her name, and Tatum piped up and said, “I’m Tatum Knight.” The lady was awed by her articulation of her name. The lady asked me if she could spell her name, and I said she could. So off we went to pick out some books.

Tatum decided to go over to the puppet area near the books and entertain everyone with the puppets. The parents were cracking up over Tatum’s antics. I enjoyed listening to her silliness, and so did the crowd apparently.

We picked out some books, read a few, and then Tot checked them out all by herself. First the card scan…


Then the book scan.

She has it down. IMG_3964

We are ready for more books because you can never have too many, right!?

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