101: more than a number

She lived 101 years: Mary Elizabeth Borror, my grandmother, or more familiarly, Mimi.

David brought her breakfast, and she was as chipper and witty as ever. Her half-eaten oatmeal was all that was left as he returned to find her at 10:50am peacefully at rest.

Although one is never ready for someone to pass, she really was ready to go. There were no loose ends as she saw all of our family was happy and “working together.” She could leave knowing we would all be OK on this earth until we meet her; she gets to be with Jesus early!

What are some fine memories?

-lumpy cream of wheat eaten with my Snoopy spoon

-thin buttered cinnamon toast sliced in strips for ease of eating

-whipped orange juice made in the Oster blender for frothiness

-Lemon ice box dessert made especially non-dairy for me

-taking care of me during pneumonia/Marie Callendars veggie soup

-sewing my formal dresses and fitting me to a T

-Our sharing our love of poetry, pink and flowers

-EVERY painting she created I LOVED ( I was her biggest fan)

-butterfly heels for which I used to don around her house

-moving in with her when I needed her most; helping me financially

-I got to be her secretary when she was in the hospital.

There are a million more. I love you Mimi. Rest with ANGELS




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