Strawberries and Beans

After lunch every day, Tatum and I work on letters or numbers, and then read some books. So, we put on her uniform (usually Thomas T-shirt) and get to work! Of course we make it a big game, and she jumps right in.

Last night, while Pinteresting, I found the most fun idea. I cannot take credit for all of these fun things we do, but I can make it my own in how I implement! This morning, I printed the sheets out, laminated, and voila! We have strawberry cards. Now, for some beans. Knowing that I’ll never use all of the great northern white beans in the large lb. package, I opted for these.

We sat down, poured the beans in a little white container and Tatum was hooked! First, we went over the cards with dots, and matched them to the number cards. Then she had to cover the dots on each strawberry with beans as she counted.IMG_0748IMG_0749TADA!IMG_0750Putting the beans aside, now she had to put the number cards on top of the correct dot cards.

IMG_0752 IMG_0754


I was so impressed with her enthusiasm, effort and success, that I had to give her a cookie. Trader Joe’s has these letter and number cookies, and they sure come in handy when we are learning!IMG_0756


The beans are continuing to fascinate her as she sits and pours them into various cups. Next time, we’ll try kidney beans for a change of pace, No?



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