Love so strong

I never thought it was possible to truly LOVE someone so much. I mean REALLY love; a love so deep you would sacrifice anything, even your own life, for someone else. Tatum, this is how I feel about you. Agape love.

Today, she went to the doctor to get a flu shot. It affected me this time more than usual for some reason. As I lay her down to receive the stick in her leg, she screams, “Mommy! Mommy!” I just held her hand tight and comforted her with my stroking hand. All I could do was wish I could take on the prick for myself.

After we left, we headed home and all she wanted was her babies, Thomas shirt, Minnie pants and her other baby we now call Bella. She caressed Bella and loved on her just how I did her. It warmed my heart to watch her love on her own little one.



Then, she just chilled at the table with her pseudo OJ, Beatrix Potter (The Tale of Two Mice) and a laugh.IMG_6076All she wanted today was to be held and carried. Did I complain? Not with a love this strong.




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