Time to look back at What I believe



I believe that character is more important than intelligence.


I believe the process of learning and growing is a development of integrity and beauty of character.


I believe in order to achieve success one must make mistakes along the journey.


I believe each individual has a star within which needs to be fostered.


I believe in high expectations for self and others, coupled with an appreciation for the diversity of strengths that individuals bring to a group.


I believe learning is a life long process and that one should be constantly renewing, refining and refreshing.


I believe in listening more than talking.



I believe greatness is achieved by gratitude, discipline, and choice;

not circumstance.


I believe life should be lived intentionally to find one’s gift, and helping others find their gift.


I believe in the empowerment of children to be independent, critical thinkers.


I believe life is 98% attitude and 2% circumstance.





Encourage everyone I face daily

Endeavor to facilitate a lifelong love of learning

Enrich others’ lives through my inspiration and experiences


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