Launching TOT into 4th grade!?

The night before, we gave her a little launch party.

We invited Mama over; Tatum couldn’t wait!

Thanks to takeout tonight, it saved me much work!
OK, we are ready!

Daddy is here too!

I wanted Tatum to know that this year, stand on Joshua 1: 9

I went through each word. What does it look like to be strong? To be courageous!?
To stand firm in your faith and not follow the “crowd.” HE IS WITH YOU wherever you go as you may feel out of place at times. You are NEVER out of place in HIS arms.

We enjoyed conversation of our Thankfulness, Kindness, and Mercy project.

We were all thankful Mama joined us!

Tatum is ready to unveil each little goody:


She wanted a little snuggle bug to grab onto! BOO!

And of course, the cupcake! FOURTH grade here we come!

I think she is ready. I am not! HA! I’ll miss you, but I know you are going to rock it, cutie pie!

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