GCU: Loving my job, getting published again, and “loping” on Tatum!

Yes, I do. I love what I do, teaching classes for GCU. However, I have been enjoying my role as a speaker for them. They call me an “expert.” HA! ME? OK, well, apparently I am to them. SO…. I appreciate it fully. In July, I’ll be speaking for EdKey to a group of teachers about the Gifted and teaching to them and also Writing Across the Curriculum (My passion).

On Saturday, I enjoyed meeting with the other “Experts.”

I received a shirt, and made sure to get one for the Tot. She hasn’t taken it off in three days.

You see, I’m grooming her to become a LOPE herself. (GCU Antelopes)

I also have been writing more lately with two other ladies. Dr. Marjaneh Gilpatrick and Dr. Tracy Vasquez. Surprisingly, I received our article in the mail as it was in the Principal magazine!

Kinda cool!

Thank you, GCU for the opportunities. So grateful.

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