Being a student of Tatum

I love the idea of studying your child. How can we know how to encourage them in their “giftedness” if we don’t pay attention to how they are wired?

She is a delight to study because she is so interesting! First, she is always reading books. This aids her imagination.

(that’s our new outdoor furniture BTW) smile!

She loves to pretend, and she is always creating stories/characters/ideas. Here is her room just after 20 minutes of grabbing a few magazines and pictures.

Hi Coopy!
She is so creative in her ability to make something interesting. She has her own systems, and I’m grateful she is not me! She also thrives when she is building something, making up a story, or drawing something. Anything that involves her imagination.

Tatum, you just inspire me. I will continue to learn WHO you are and HOW God wired you. Then I can point you in the right directions for your future. In the meantime, keep seeking ABOVE! Your brightness will never be “ECLIPSED!”

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