53 is the new 30!

Ok, so maybe not 30, but it is an opportunity to feel young again!

It all started in the morning when I was doing my quiet time in the art/play room. A little bunny came in while I was not looking and dropped a goodie.

What is this?

Oh, Taties.

She is my best gift besides my hubby.

She took a pic on her Polaroid and brought it to school.

My hubby would text me love notes through the day.

And…the delight of a hot fudge sundae was enjoyed by us girls. SOOOO YUMMY. Can you say DOLLOP? No dollops on our sundaes…more like WALLOPS!

And never be shy about the sprinkles. I mean WHY NOT!? I always say!

Later on, I was supposed to have my REACH girls over, but COVID struck two of them, so we postponed. (Shannon and Cana took me for coffee in the morning! smile)

My honeys surprised me with this then:

Flowers make me feel alive!
Then Tot and Daddy sang to me. Tatum opened the show.

Then Daddy joined. Yes, he did….

And the duet was born.

It elevated.

And then…aah…my sweet girl gifted me with a few blessings.

SBC cafe has the CUTEST stuff, so I’ll use it wisely. (Lord, help me).

Oh, babe…you are so good to me. We weren’t even going to celebrate tonight.

He is truly THOUGHTful.

I am so very grateful for you two. The evening took a detour and you both capitalized on it. You both made me feel so loved. (that is the best present a girl could ask for).

Coopy….you are like the cherry on top.

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