Montana Tripping: Equipping, Empowering, Enjoying!

What an opportunity! I was invited to teach to a small Christian school, Foothills Community Christian School in Great Falls, MT. The dean of school wants to be more “Data-driven,” and one of his teachers had me as a Professor for one of her GCU courses. I accepted, and headed out to Montana for MLK Jr. Day and their Professional Development day. They. paid me $1200 for all expenses. Quite an honor!

The ramp up to get to Montana was steep. I spent three months studying, analyzing, praying…I had to really learn so much because this is not my wheelhouse! Upon much work, I put together a 133 slide show with all the info. The notebook I created for each teacher was pretty hefty too: 133 pages! Whew! It was a monumental task for me…a one-girl show. (with Holy Spirit power of course!)

My health is not so optimal right now, so I really needed to make sure I was eating enough and not overdoing it. A task in itself.

The day arrived for my departure, and Oh…my little girl. She put this picture in her pocket and carried it around with her:

So, it’s 6:30 am Sunday morning. Ready to go! I’ll miss you and Daddy so much.

I arrive that night in Great Falls, and basically just rest and ready myself for the next morning.

I wake up to a beautiful full moon.

Also, the weather is so favorable (it’s about 52 in the morning when usually it’s in the teens!)

Cool marquee in front.

Hmm…Kelly, Kasey…lot’s of K people I know, so I will.

One of the teachers takes my pic in front.

I’m so filled with gratitude and anticipation. Will they be amenable to my message, and how can I impart it with love, grace, and excitement?

I get to know all of the teachers (and I try to memorize all the names). They had that deer in the headlights look when I began because they probably are thinking this is MORE to add to their plate. As I speak AND LISTEN, I work with them on understanding to think outside the box with how to help their students. Yes, you teach but how do you KNOW if they have learned it? That is what this is all about….Assessing and analyzing to make sure we are maximizing our teaching opportunities. As the day progresses, with Dr. David Culpepper’s help, we come to some great conclusions about what is their next step. It’s going to be a two-year plan…not TOMORROW! So take a breath. I also get to come back in the summer and see how it’s going. They’ll take each scope and sequence objective and find a way (or a question) they can use to evaluate if the students has mastered that SSO. Really, that is it. Every 4-6 weeks, have these interim assessments to track their progress on their teaching and the students’ learning.

David is excited!

And…they are all undergirded in God’s word. Their is so much prayer in this place; they even prayed over me! Such a blessing!

After it’s over, I go celebrate with some McD’s ice cream and peanut butter. YES!

My love bug and hubby miss me and send me pics. (I gave Tot some jammies)

Oh, and COOPY!
Supposedly he’s on a hunger strike. I’ll be home soon, Buddy!

I miss them all sooooo much, but going away gives me so much gratitude and perspective.

As the night progresses, I’m reminded how blessed I am. I also am just filled with HIS love and so grateful for these opportunities. Also, I’m feeling great! Tummy issues basically non-existent. The hotel staff is so good to me and I’m just feeling so happy.

Tot and Daddy call me later.

Oh, love this!

I read, eat, pray, and relax until bed. Fell asleep about 9:30!…and woke up to…….


Yes, it’s 100% snowing! BRRRR..

So, what do I do!? I go out in it! (after my devotions of course). Drove to the gym, and it was so surreal out. Reminded me of college at Boulder. Peaceful and white.

But, I’m bundled!

It’s so nice to have this NON-HURRIED morning. Later Starbucks, working, writing, and relaxing until my flight. I can’t wait to see my family later. I miss them so.

On the airplane now, and oh…it’s icy! They had to de-ice the wings so we were delayed quite a while.

Better safe…though!
Off we go now. Look at the cold view! How pretty. Leaving this white snow…

And into the sunset in SLC! Look how beautiful.

Then into PHX. Look at this sunset!

Finally getting home and my sweet family….look at what I opened the door to!

For me!!

They made me feel like royalty as always.

What a blessed trip. Thank you, Jesus.

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