Each day presents new challenges. From new foods to new behaviors. Sometimes they are just AAAAdorable and sometimes these behaviors befuddle me. What do I do? First, today, she tried raspberries for the first time and sourly winced as she placed a piece gingerly in her mouth. IMG_4190I did not want her to starve, so I reverted back to the egg and banana route. She of course wanted her “baba” which I am learning has to come after she eats or she’ll just want milk. I now dilute it with water since she loves it so much and I can’t overfeed her the 24 recommended per day ounces. Next endeavor will be hummus, avocado and black beans.

After I picked her up today, I took her to Cheesecake Factory to meet my mom. She had not had a nap which should have been my red siren blaring, but oh well, let’s do this. We arrive and she instantly looks for things to grab. I hand her a small graham cracker as I pray for the waiter to hurry and bring the food. Steamed broccoli (she loves the floret tops) and grilled chicken quickly arrive and she proceeds to throw them on the floor as she laughs and screams. Oh joy. A screaming child? Really? I pull out every trick in the book….a mini book, her bear, a sippy cup of water (blegh…she hates plain water), puffs, a squeazy…all go on the floor. This is when I give up and decide it’s time to flee the premises. On the way home, she proceeds to SCREAM bloody murder. This is the sign of extreme tiredness. After about 5 minutes of straight screaching, she falls asleep. NO! It’s too early now for her to sleep, so the minute we arrive at home, I give her the baba and read her a story. Slowly we fade to bed, and now? I’m wondering if this is normal…normal to have a screamer!? I suppose I am going to have to just A) practice taking her to restaurants; B) make sure she is well-rested BEFORE we go; C) find more bags of tricks; or D) never go out in public ever again.


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