Happy Birthday to my HHH

We celebrated a day early because Doug usually has his men’s group on Tuesday. So Tot and I prepared a nice dinner for our love!

But first, the ever popular puppet show starring Scaredy Squirrel, Gerald and Piggie. AND NO WHITE FLUFFY THING this year! Scaredy Squirrel (now named “Bravey” teaches Piggie and Gerald about overcoming their fears!)

Tatum made him a placemat and cards, and I added some candles.

I also made him pork loin with maple mustard sauce, roasted brussel sprouts, and butternut squash. Salad and wine of course!

He seemed pretty surprised!

WE had nice conversation about our gratitude journals, and then, time for Tot’s presents. She spent time on her gift to him; A LEGO ROCKET pencil holder!

We love you so my dear HHH!!! XXOO

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