Move over fingers!

Trying to find foods Tatum can chew, I’ve been experimenting with all types of veggies. Of course the old stand-by of mashed banana has worked, but now she begs for her green beans and peas. She even said “apo” today when I ate my apple. They have to be canned however since she only has four teeth! Today, we tried edamame and HOORAY! Success 🙂


So far, she is downing the mozzarella sticks, chicken breast pieces, pasta (I buy the mac and cheese and just make the noodles and then I just add a wee bit of tomato sauce for flavor), sweet potato bits and butternut squash bits.

Well, if she has mastered the finger action, one can assume a fork should not be so difficult. Banana on a fork! She felt so grown up and wanted to do it herself. IMG_4079 IMG_4083 IMG_4084 IMG_4085

All gone!!

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