Two Girls “Twos”day on her Spiritual Birthday

Tatum accepted Jesus as her Savoir three years ago today. It also happens to be two girls Tuesday.

She wanted to go shopping at Target and get breakfast. So we did a bit of shopping and then brought our breakfast home.

She bought a little doggie, and Cooper hung out with him.

She wanted to do our Mom and me journal together at breakfast and I told her I had a surprise.

Oh what makes us laugh, cry, proud and excited.

I love her answers.

She’s been saving money for a Kindle reader for months now, and today…yes, today, she had the $40. So, I presented it to her today. (I had to pitch in a bit).

Her fun glasses make her look so studious. She LOVES it. I still love paper books, but she can travel with this.

Tonight, we’ll celebrate. And we did! We went ………


Tot, HHH, and HHW.

And off we went!

Daddy was on FUEGO!!

Tot didn’t do so bad either!
We headed home, had a yummy dinner (Tot wanted lettuce wraps). We celebrated with a card..

And I had to buy this for her since her daddy works with space. Isn’t this awesome!

Launching into life with Christ!

The cupcake made all the difference too.

Tatum I love you so much! May your journey with Christ be a growing and life-giving experience. A life of light, service, and love.

What a fun day!!!

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