Happy Father’s Day my love!!

It’s your first Father’s Day as Tot’s OFFICIAL daddy since you adopted her last year on July 9th. This is a big day!

I never was really into Father’s Days since for me it was kind of bittersweet. My dad was never really involved in my life as a true daddy, so for me, Father’s Day was kind of just another day. I love to celebrate my TRUE Father being my Lord and Savior.

Ok, so of course, I wanted to start it a day before so he could preview some scents. My honey smells so delightful, but we wanted to up the ante with some new ideas. Which one would he choose? I got him some Dolce and Gabana Light Blue and Curve. Not sure how they’d work on him, but that didn’t stop us from trying them on too!

The verdict is still out. My HHH will have to try them both at different times. In the meantime, we all enjoyed covering our bodies with both…especially the Tot.

Sunday, we would truly celebrate. Tot and I performed a puppet show, but Cooper wanted a part. OH boy. Piggie, Elephant, and Scaredy Squirrel were the stars, but Cooper hopped up and stole Elephant mid-show! COOPER!

What? What did I do wrong?
Don’t let this face fool you.

Ok, back to the extravaganza.

Honey had to sit in his chair so we could shower him with…..first, cards. Tot gave him like 50 of them. Let’s review.

They have a bond with boats and water so this was appropriate.



Still more? Yes! She wanted to frame a picture of them.

AND she wanted a picture of Daddy and me together. Her two biggest fans!

We are so cute together.

Ok, then we made a BOOK for the Daddy. WHO IS DOUGLAS HAY really!???

Let’s go through:


“O”ne of a kind….other men? Triangles. My honey? a heart.

“U”nique…not many are both number smart AND creative!

“G”od’s Child. Look at that arm of God’s wrapping around my honey.

“H”onorable. …yes he even takes out the trash.

“A”ble! He is so strong and fixes everything.

“Y”oung. How does he keep that youthful glow!!?

He loved it!
Then, I bought them BOTH some Dawgs since they are the “dawg!” of a Daddy/Daughter team.

What a fun evening. We enjoyed taco bar and some games to end the evening.

Your girls sure love you!

Everything I wrote is T.R.U.E, my love.

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