IDEAS June Dinner!

This is our sixth one, and they are going so well. I’m so grateful for my family stepping it up and coming up with some great ideas.

First, I planned salmon burgers, whipped cauliflower, and maple glazed carrots.

Tot was up first. She had so many!

Ok, the lemonade stand I love. We may have to start a business. She wants to hire daddy and me to help.

I also love the mom and me book, although we are doing the mom and me journal.

Daddy was next. He is ALWAYS filled with brilliant ideas.

I love the art idea! I had something similar. Also, of course I’ll make shrimp creole! Lime tree!!? YES!
All of these are great.

Now me.

We are going to now discuss our favs. This means I need to make a note and write these in my planner to make them happen!
Ok, favs…

See you in July! We’ll see what we have accomplished.

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