The Important Book and our poem

Tatum was home from school for three days due to too many teachers being quarantined.

So, I had to think fast. What can we do that would be kinda “schooly” but also fun? They did not provide any work, so I came up with some math, reading, art, and of course WRITING!

I pulled out a book I used to read my middle schoolers to inspire them to write a poem.

I read her the book, and she helped me read the repetition.

The first and last lines are repeated and the middle tells more about the item. It’s such a fun way to have perspective.

Here is how the book ends:

I just adore this book.

After, I told her to pick ANY item and write about it. I picked a cup of coffee. Ha!
She picked……

Yes, an umbrella. This is her FIRST copy! Not bad for a first. Also, her’s is much better than my 7th graders ever wrote.

Oh, what was Coopy doing?

First, he paid attention:

But then the rain was putting him to sleep.

Tot put her picture next to him so he had something to look at.

So proud of you, Tot…for all you do from drawing to writing to loving on Coopy.

We miss Mrs. Phillips and are praying for her daily!

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