Hay Happens Outing: CPK

It was time. Time to surprise my family and make a fun outing happen! Also, we all earned it with our “Kindness in Kali” jar of coins we filled up.

Friday night. They had no clue. They only knew to wear their Hay Happens shirt.

It’s 5:45 and we are headed out to the restaurant. Daddy made us feel special as he pulled the car around. We selfied before he picks us up. I can’t wait to go with you!

We arrived at CPK, and the server came out to tell us it would be a while. Many called in “sick” that night, so he was pulling all the roles. Server, host, bartender…etc.

So, we found a table, chatted and laughed.

Tot took our pic too!

And Daddy took ours.

Time to order. We wanted to make the server, Robert’s night, so we tried to make him laugh.

Hopefully we livened up his spirits. We livened up Tot’s spirits, because after that spritzer with cherry juice, she was FFFFAAARREEEEEZING so she disappeared for a moment.

Oh, there she is. Hi Tot.

It was such a fun night with my family. This little chickie keeps us laughing and definitely on our toes. My HHH always makes the nights special with his smile and silly jokes.

Till next time my Hay family! I love you immensely.

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