“Two Girlz” Wednesday this week: Beauty and Bagels

Tuesday was taken this week with my presentation on ZOOM for GCU. So, we had to move our ‘Two Girls Two”sday to Wednesday.

Again, I surprised Tatum, so she wanted to dress up for me. I decided to make her feel ultra-special by wearing a dress myself. With the quarantine, it’s been easy to look schlumpy everyday.

First stop: Pedicures before school starting!

They were quite busy, but we enjoyed our comfy pedi chairs while we watched HGTV Property Brothers. It made us excited to move into our home.

We decided on GCU purple (more like lavender). You like our toes?


Now we headed over to Chompie’s for a quick bite.

Oh, isn’t she just beautiful?

I offered her a cookie or a bagel with cream cheese. Scooped and toasted of course!

She picked the blueberry bagel.

We played “questions.” Basically we each get to ask anything to each other, taking turns. We mostly talked about school coming up and what excites her/scares her the most. We tried to get all our concerns out so we could discuss them before school begins. It was a very fruitful discussion. (as usual!)

We also laughed our pretty new toes off! We so enjoy each other being together.

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