Postponing my birthday but still feeling loved: Sunflowers, Apple Pencil, and Coopy cuteness

Tatum woke up with the stomach flu, and I have been fighting some virus for a while now. So, I asked my family if we could celebrate on Sunday.

Doug still loved on me too. He had a note for me to wake up to, and he bought me some flowers that keep on giving. My favorite kind! SUNFLOWERS!

I did also wake up to my favorite little finch who sings outside our door. Thank you, God, for my thinking of me!

He also had Daddy see some quail at our McCormick home. Daddy and child. LOVE IT!
It reminded me of Tot and Daddy. Another present to me.

Cooper went to get groomed that day too. Doesn’t he look adorable. The two of them….I can’t even!
Heart bubbles everywhere.

I had bought a new Apple Pencil (1st generation) for Tatum to use for drawing on the iPad. There’s this cool app called ProCreate, and she’s been having so much creative fun with it.
Here are some of her creations.

She has so much fun on it, and she sure is getting good! After she finishes, she texts or emails them to us. She loves to share her work. I got this little treat too:

and a nice little sign with much bubble love.

We played Pictionary and just relaxed that night. I know there’s more to come, but I sure was grateful for just having my family.

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