1st Place, Bible, and Decisiveness: Goodbye First grade!

It was our last day. So bittersweet! I actually will miss having her home. I’ll never get this back! Man, I can’t even describe how amazing it was. It was only a half day today so we had time to do some other things.

But first…

Let’s talk about the ZOOM yesterday. 169 books! Tatum got a big award today from her teacher. Mrs. Finnman, her first grade teacher, gave out awards today on ZOOM; it was a unique ceremony doing it virtually.

We read our last AR book this morning. I think we’ll continue in the summer with these, however. We’ll see. I dislike reading on the iPad though.

See her flower grow! I’m so proud of her efforts!

First, Tatum along with a couple of others got 100% on every Bible test. Weekly, they had to memorize a verse. (PVCP does this whole school weekly).

Her assignment today for Bible was kind of cool. I allowed her to do this without me. I wanted her to just answer from her heart.

Next, they always grant a character trait to each child. Mrs. Finnman believed Tatum had the gift of decisiveness and gave her the verse James 1:5. Yes, I do believe my sweetie is quite wise for her age and makes her opinions very strongly. I pray she continues to seek wisdom.

We will miss first grade, but we know the summer is around the corner and so is second grade.
We love you Mrs. Finnman!

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