First OFFICIAL day of Homeschool from PVCP!

It’s Wednesday, and PVCP has transitioned to online school for 3 weeks. We went to the school yesterday to pick up all of the paperwork from her class, and now Mrs. Finnamn sends videos/day to explain the work. Let’s see how it goes!

On Tuesday night, I put the schedule together on the whiteboard. Thank goodness for this!

We got started right at 8:34. Not bad! With her workspace all ready (and of course including Nixon, Lopey, and Luke), we were work-prepared.

RING-A-LING: Let’s begin.

She started with three sentences about her Spring Break.

After Spalding, we decided to do a quick walk with Coopy, then we put off recess until we got through Math. This way she had a longer recess/snack. After that, we powered through the rest of the day! It was amazing. She was so focused.

We even included piano, Bible verses, and extra reading….oh and lots of Math fact cards.

I decided to add cooking today. She helped me dinner prep the hamburgers and seasoning..

Salad spinning is always fun.

I figure she is going to be housecleaning and cooking WITH me in the next few weeks. This will enable me to get my own GCU work done during her playtime. I do believe this is going to work and it actually is FUN too! I’m so grateful.

God is using all of this for HIS good. I see so many blessings coming from this time. For example, Doug, Tot and I are spending so much more time together. Doug is able to spend time on our home as well since he can telecommute. His job is NOT in jeopardy as we had feared, (1/2 of Honeywell is going on furlough, but not him) and this gave him confidence about his VALUE to them. That is always reassuring, and I already knew this. We are also getting to serve my mom more than before.

God, you are so good. I love being part of Tatum’s day like this.

More to come!

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