The whole world takes a PAUSE with the Coronavirus

It all started when I was getting a colonoscopy in January. Someone mentioned that ASU was stressed about someone spreading this scary virus that came from China. I pretty much disregarded it and chocked it up to another media hyperbolic reaction as usual.

Then, Doug and I were planning a trip to Disney. My brother, Dolly and Tommy were to join us. It was to be the first part of May. As time has approached, the trip would have to be “reconsidered” due to Disneyland closing which has been unprecedented. What is going on?

It continues to spread across the world, but the media does a fine job of scaring us and not giving the full story. There is also politics involved, so we have to be “prudent” as Proverbs 22:3 says. “The prudent see danger and take refuge,  but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.” This was what Pastor Jamie shared with us on Sunday as the church will also take a pause.

Tot’s school will be closed after Spring Break. They have closed all of the schools for two weeks, so now we are homebound.

Movie theaters: Closed

Restaurants: Closed (takeout only)

Church: Closed

Schools: Closed

Gyms: Closed

Malls: Closed

Soccer season: Canceled

Swimming lessons: Canceled

Workplaces: Work from home, please

Any gathering ABOVE 10: Closed

Stores: Lines out the door to buy food. Toilet paper is wiped out. No pun intended.

Daddy has chosen to go into work, but most of Honeywell is telecommuning.

So, Tot and I have a choice: Complain and feel sad, or MAKE THE BEST OF IT! We choose the latter. We are choosing to do a bit of school everyday and a bit of fun.

Picnic at the park!

Time with mama on St. Patrick’s Day.

Must have a green dinner to continue the celebration.

Some watercolor painting:

Yes, under your nose is two lips! Hahahahaha!

And, we decided to start gratitude journaling again after our devotion each morning. REMAIN GRATEFUL amidst the CHAOTIC OUTSIDE> we will not be panicking.

Even Daddy is pausing and helping Tot make jewelry. How cute is he at her little table!

I see this PAUSE as a huge blessing.

Cooper even takes a PAUSE

Maybe God saw the world needed to come together and work as a team. ALSO, that we should all focus on our families and not be soooooo busy constantly. We now have no choice, so I pray we can use this time for GOOD. Growing closer. Making joy. Looking UP!

We love you, Father. Thank you for all you do for us and protecting us. We know you are in control, and your precious will be done.

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