We are sponsoring a child from Food for the Hungry

At the Toby Mac concert, we didn’t just have a BLAST, but we also agreed to sponsor a child from Food for the Hungry. (Thank you, Honey!)

We are so excited to go on this journey with who we get. We hope to visit her someday!

After receiving information about our girl, we decided every Monday at dinner, we’d pray for her and learn more about her.

Her name is Sandrine, and she is 13.

Sandrine wrote us her own letter in her language and it was translated for us.

Tatum worked on a reply for a couple of days.

Here is her “sloppy copy.”

I love what she has done here. Sandrine mentioned she wanted to be a nurse, so Tatum made a “dream” drawing. This is when Sandrine will be 23; she’ll have clean water, a textbook on the digestive system from her nursing school, and she’ll have some bread too.

Now that is so thoughtful.

We are going to send it off with some of our pics.

We look forward to our correspondence with Sandrine, and hopefully getting to meet her one day.

Thank you FH for this opportunity. We’ll be praying for our girl and all the other children.

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