GO AWAY Allergies! HELP has arrived

We made a follow up appointment to Dr. Cowan today. He is our life-saver when it comes to her cough and allergies.

He has gotten a bit more aggressive with her because she is not only coughing, (which is not coming from her chest but the back of her throat) but she is also constantly clearing her throat and fighting a runny nose.

Now we have a whole arsenal of tools. He had to write it all down on the bag he gave me full of samples. I am so grateful for him!

When we got home, I told her that we should be full of complete gratitude. She has a choice: Be miserable or be grateful for the wonders of medicine. That translates into NO COMPLAINING about the bevy of medicines she must take.

So, we make if F.U.N. right?
I made a little chart for her bathroom, and each day she accomplishes the protocol with a smile and a heart of GRATITUDE, she gets to fill in a smiley face. After 14 smiley faces, we’ll have a prize of some sort. This ALWAYS works.

Tonight, she filled in her first smiley face.

And there is much rejoicing.

Praying for more peaceful nights and more and more smiles.


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