First Soccer Game with the Pink Flamingos!

What else would you call yourselves when you have pink jerseys, hmm? I mean how perfect. Let me back up, however.

I remember her first soccer game two years ago when she was 5. We have come a long way since then. This time, we are more prepared, I think. First, Doug is out of town for our first game, so I am hoping I have a bit of a backup coach to give me pointers. The day did not disappoint.

We picked up our team’s jerseys at the Phoenix Rising tent, and they handed me a bag of PINK jerseys. All mediums, but still. They were perfect! They also instructed us to get black shorts and socks for each player.

Tatum immediately put her’s on, and luckily they had a small to get in trade. She looks so stinkin’ cute.

OK, then Coach Matt showed up at our field and got all the girls together to dribble and practice to warm up.

Finally we met our opposing team. They were in their blue jerseys and each girl had matching hair ties with their outfits. I mean, they looked put together. The coach was a master and had been doing it for years.

Let’s rally girls!


Game started and Coach Matt instructed the girls to follow that ball and get around it constantly. I picked up a ton of pointers that first quarter while he was with me. First, the diamond shape is important to have the girls know their position. The girl closest to the opposing team’s goal needs to make sure she is close to that as their ball gets close. ALSO, they must all go TOWARDS the ball and get in DOWN the field.

After the first quarter, Matt left, and I took over. The second quarter was our worst. The other team scored about 6 goals and the girls got a bit flustered. BUT THEN at the half, I had a nice long chat with the girls in a circle.

We talked about staying strong and focusing as a team! We can’t let this get us down.

Third quarter, GOAL! We got one. They looked so much stronger the whole game. Our defense is strong. We have some aggressive players, TOT being one of them. They all have so much fire, and although we only had six players today, they all made up for what was missing.

At the end, although we lost, we all shook hands with the other team and did a cheer with the parents. I then found out that team has been playing since Pre-K!!! THREE YEARS. Ok, three years vs. us with one practice and just meeting each other. I feel pretty darn good about it.

We are only going to get better and stronger. I can’t wait to get to know these spunky Pink Flamingos. Stay tuned!

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