Phoenix Rising and Daddy’s coach’n!

We are pulling a mulligan on Tatum’s soccer experience. We tried the Phoenix Rising recreational league when she was 5, and she just wasn’t quite ready. The other kids were a bit bigger, and her cough was not under control.

I think God had bigger plans.

Now, as we do it the second time, Doug and I are going to coach the team. (Well, Doug is really the master here). I couldn’t have done this before as a single person, but with my honey, it makes it all the more fun and special for Tot.

Our team started to show, and we got so excited! We have a team of seven 1st grade girls. Tatum, Kaya, Trevvy, Julie, Emma, Blair, and Mabel. After a quick name game and some encouraging words about what is a TEAM, we held some drills.

Lookin’ good girls!

Tot, you are looking great too! We are going to have a great season. First game: SATURDAY!

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