God winks

I love to look in the day for God’s presence. There are so many times that God winks at us and we miss it. Why is that? Because we get so caught up in our daily grind that we can forget to be grateful. Also, the circumstances of our lives should not determine our feelings about God! We should have gratitude daily and ALSO in the midst of challenges, we can truly find God winks (moments where He shines His light on us and says, “I see you and care about every little thing about you” ).

Case in point: I could use a few more classes! I love teaching, and contracts don’t come in on my timeline but God’s timeline. It means it is just a bit inconsistent. Thursday, I get a phone call that they needed me to step in to a class running already for 4 weeks. I have to go in and “fix” all the ungraded assignments and clean up the mess. Then, finish it out for 2 more weeks. I get paid for the whole 6 weeks which was quite nice! What a blessing! He gave me 2 weeks of work with 6 weeks of pay, so this doubled what I had in mind. Here we ask for something, and He blesses us beyond what we can imagine.

The next day, we were to go to TobyMac. I’ll be writing this blog next because it was mind-blowing amazing. Welllllll, the God wink blew my mind as well. I bought seats right on the floor thinking that this was right near the stage. They were near the end of the “T” of the long stage, but we were 3 rows behind and Tatum couldn’t see. If we were elevated a bit, it would have been perfect. Well, I came out into the aisle a bit to let her see and the security guard said we’d have to move in a bit. Still…. she couldn’t see. THEN, this lady in the FRONT row of the end of the stage said to come over by her. There were 2 seats, and we just moved over there for a moment. I had Doug come over too, and we expected to be ejected as soon as the people showed. Nobody ever showed!!! Come on..the front!? We were RIGHT THERE. I can’t even……wowza.

I have a million of God wink stories and answers to prayers that I’m seeing lately. Ways I wouldn’t have imagined them being answered because He is a bazillion times more creative than I am.

Thank you, Dear Father, Abby, Daddy, for your love for me. Your grace, your intervention, your caring of each and every single little detail of my life. I am in awe of you.

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