Returning from Flagstaff and Decompressing

This was Tatum the minute we got home from Flagstaff.

103.5 degree temperature. YOIKEEEE!!! We decided to wait picking up Cooper until tomorrow. Luckily Monday is MLK Jr. Day, so it’s a day off school.

The whole day, she only ate apple sauce and crackers.

On Sunday evening, we talked about our trip and all the wonders of being together for our 4th HAA. Yes, I pulled out the whiteboard since you can’t take the teacher out of the girl.

These are our “Plays Of The Weekend (POW’s)” or our highlights!

A bit closer for the rest of the POW’s

Daddy and I also noticed some definite differences in Tatum.

I’m so incredibly grateful that we got to go to Flag. Sharon and Andy are so special to us and they allowed this to happen. We love you guys!

More importantly, we all got to be together. Thank you, Hay Family. I love you so very much and would do anything for you.

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