2nd Day of Flagstaff: Snowbody knows what is to come!

We woke up Saturday morning NOT bright and early…and there was much rejoicing. The plan was to go on a little nature walk outside with all of our warm clothes on. Playing outside now was much more enjoyable (perhaps?) because she was CLOTHED in waterproof clothing.

Daddy got his gear on as did I, and we headed out. (his jacket is quite exciting!)

Now, it was only about 25 degrees out, and to us that was freezing, but the sun was out so it wasn’t terribly unbearable.

We noticed that the names on the streets had some girl’s names. Note, Tatum Isabella Hay.

Aren’t they cute?

We also spied many icicles. The ones on this house were quite intriguing because they were going sideways.

Tatum was getting pretty winded on our walk. She was having a harder time than usual. (HMMMMMM…Little did we know….)

We got home and then headed out again for our surprise. We were going to go to a tubing park to play and ride tubes in the snow. We arrived, and guess what!??? They were all sold out. FOR THE WHOLE DAY. Ugh.
So, plan B. We figured we’d find our own hill and sled (PRAISE GOD that Doug brought a sled). Oh, and it was free!

First a little snow play.

and then the WEEEEEEEE!! Tatum went first and then we went down together. My steering was a bit off.

Back up and down again and again. Daddy had to go park the car so he only joined us for a few runs, but honestly, we were tired out! The longer “DOWN” you go the more “UP” you have to go. Yes, that’s the dirty little secret of sledding.

Again, Tatum seemed kind of off at lunch. She slowed down a bit faster than usual. We weren’t sure what was up. About two hours after lunch, she said she felt terrible. I felt her forehead and it was burning up. I didn’t need a thermometer to tell me how sick she was. We searched the house for some aspirin. Luckily they had 500mg tabs, so we cut it in 1/2 and had her chew it. Not ideal, but it worked until we’d go out and buy some Motrin. Meanwhile, we’d watch some Bugs Bunny, Tasmanian devil, Sylvester, Roadrunner, and Jetsons cartoons. That was pretty fun in itself!

The rest of the night was pretty mellow. We had a quiet dinner with, of course, Exploding Kittens. The Motrin kicked in, allowing her to play for a bit. Then, she went right to sleep.

We would head home early the next morning.

A SUPER fun day, despite this hiccup. Oh, Tot. I’m so sorry you feel yucky.

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