I look at improvement

We can always strive to be better. If we started out as perfect, what would be the need for God? We are to be dependent on Him, and when our weaknesses come out, it’s an opportunity to glorify God and to ask for help.

Such has been the road with Tatum this 1st grade year. Academically, she does pretty well. In fact, in reading, she is at the 3rd-4th grade level. In other areas, she is at grade level or 2nd.
What I look at is her attitude, her work habits, her character, and social skills.

First quarter, she struggled with the wiggles, following directions, listening, and sometimes she didn’t know how to handle conflict with friends. Her neatness needed work too. She had A TON OF good areas, but these weaknesses were bothersome.

As a family, we are intentional. We spend time meeting, praying, discussing how to work together to overcome. WE rely on GOD to help us, realizing that we are not alone.

Mrs. Finnman complimented Tatum on how much she has improved in just 3 months. She accomplishes things first time asked, she is polite to her classmates and to authority. She sits still in chapel and on the carpet, and she is being much neater with her work. ALSO, she is just always kind and helpful.

Her report card shows her improvements.

Tot, we love you so much. I love watching you grow and mature. Man, you are a delight to raise, and I can’t get enough of you! XXOO

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