She loves being a mommy

Tatum has lots of kids. I mean there’s Charlie, Pierce, Tommy, Luke…All boys, you see.

Here’s how it goes: She loves to browse pictures of herself as a baby. We have gone through the 2’s and 3’s. She picks out about 12 pics since she has 12 plastic frames. We just went through the 1’s, and I got them developed. (she pays with her allowance).

Then, she plays with them. She gives each one a name like Charlie today.

Charlie came to school with us.

Supposedly he was crying all morning, so I have to keep my eye on him while she’s at school. After I pick her up, she’ll ask, “How was Charlie today?” And I’ll assure her he was in the best hands.

Oh, my sweet girl; I love how your creative brain works. Also, how you love to love. You love to nurture and care for others and you show this with how you love on your toys/kids/dolls/pictures.

When we got home from school, she pulled them all together and decided to read to them.

How about the story of Cain and Abel?

Yes, yes! Apparently “Cain was 100 years old and was in room 12 at Hospice. Abel visited him and while there, God showed Cain his life in front of him. He showed him that when he was 16, he could have lived better if he had prayed more to God.”

OK, I don’t know where she got this story, but it has so much wisdom in it. Again, I love her brain.

Her kids are listening intently.

You are one of a kind and I absolutely adore you.

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