React and Repent

Oh, the process of making mistakes…. Tatum is learning. She is learning that HOW we say something is more important than WHAT we say; she is learning that our hearts are sensitive and need to be cared for. She is learning that sometimes the way we react can be too impulsive, and we need to stop and think before we say something.

All of these are great lessons, but they are not fun to learn. Daddy’s feelings get hurt and Mommy’s feelings get hurt. We also won’t allow ANY unkind words in our home, nor will we allow dishonor or disobedience. She doesn’t really struggle with not obeying, but the tone of her voice or a facial expression can be dishonorable. SO….Doug and I are having many opportunities to teach and redirect.

How is she handling it? IMMEDIATELY, after a said faux pas, she is filled with remorse. Sometimes, she cannot express her sorrow enough, so she makes cards.

We both get them, and they do make all of the difference. What then follows are prayers of confession and help from the Holy Spirit to change and learn.

Daddy’s card has an infinite circle representing a journey of love and forgiveness. This is how she explained it. She also is standing next to Daddy as I stand next to Coopy.

I love her heart and willingness to change. We are taking it one day at a time. Meanwhile, she is finding ways to love on Daddy.
Like her in his glasses?

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