Happy 6 month Birthday COOPY!

Yes, we are ridiculous. We celebrate everything; actually, I think we like a reason to eat ice cream with hot fudge.

So what better reason than Coopy!

First, he has been struggling to eat lately. Every meal, we have to coax him to eat even one kibble. This morning, we used whipped cream. Did it work?

He’s smiling!

Now it’s time to celebrate.

Happy Birthday to you, Cooper.



Delicioso. Did you read your card, Puppy?

Now it’s time for some veggies. We got him a squeaky mushroom because that is what you get for your dog who has donuts and ice cream squeak toys.

We played and played with him. He loves to hide under the table and wait for us to throw the toy. It’s all a game to the little guy.

We see you Coopy boy. You just tired yourself out, didn’t you?

He still tried to hide when it was time for bed, but…

he finally emerged and went right into his little house. We had the best day as a family and with you, Cooper Hay. We adore you; you have made our life more jovial! Happy Birthday sweet Coopy. XO

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