Playdate with Maddy

I decided to have Tatum invite one of her friends from school and make a fun haunted house craft.

First, Maddy is the other new girl in the first grade, and she is very shy. Tatum has gone out of her way to befriend her; I’m so proud of her because the other girls and boys have not done this to Maddy. Only Tatum.

Tatum waited and waited for her to come.

She finally came and we had fun making the houses.

While Maddy was over, her mom, Melody, told me that every day Maddy gets in the car and tells her mom that Tatum played with her that day. (She is the only one). Tatum’s heart is much more compassionate because she has had her own struggles with some of the girls. Tatum could relate to Maddy, and therefore Tatum has extended herself.
God gives us challenges often so we can then comfort others. WE BECOME MORE COMPASSIONATE through our own struggles.

I’m so proud of your heart, Tot.

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