It’s official: My honey is obsessed with Cooper. He takes probably 10 pictures a day: Oh, look at him here; look at him do this; look at him do that; look at him just looking; look at him being cute. I mean really! heehee

Yes, he even takes a picture of Cooper when I’m in a back-side position. (or maybe he really did want to take a picture of my back side!)??

It used to be Tot and me he was obsessed with picture-wise. It is all now about Cooper. (and I love it!)

This weekend, we figured we’d go out and leave the other little cutie pie with Cooper thanks to Bianca watching them. It was time for us to have some fun. (My honey sure does look the part!) Tatum joined the picture as Coopy watched from afar.

My honey still is in total love with us, but I LOVE that he adores the little guy.

I adore my honey, and OF COURSE, my Tot and little Coopy-head. XOXOX

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