Daddy Daughter Date Night 2.1

2.0 has happened. Now, tonight we graduated to 2.1. You see, Daddy now got her all dressed up and took her to nice places. He and I have dated at California Pizza Kitchen often in our early years, and now, he continued the feasting. Yes, no Chik-Fil-A this time; he wanted her to feel ultra-special.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I would feel amazingly blessed just to be hanging out with my daddy. I don’t remember being treated like a queen as a child. I was more like a “hafta.” Yes, he had to visit me every Sunday as a court order, and it happened. Sure, I loved it, but I would have loved it more if he would have told me that he truly loved me and followed up on it. (if I would have felt important and adored).

Doug is being the kind of father I never had, and she has never experienced. It’s such a gift, and I’m forever grateful. She won’t be physically starved (because he’s present) or emotionally starved (because he HEARS her heart and adores her), searching for significance in any guy that comes by. She’ll know that she deserves the best because her daddy has treated her with respect, honor, and love.

Hooray!!! Praise you Jesus and thank you for being the kind of man I have dreamed of.

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