New Look, Cute Look, Oh, Look, and Are you looking at me?

Often Cooper will just look at us. What? What did I do??

Yes, we see you. We were just wondering where you were little guy. Peek a boo!

Well, between this guy and this girl, we are pretty doomed!

Now, it’s me who is surrounded by cute. My honey got a new look. A new hip haircut.

It really suits him, don’t you think, Coopy?

Coopy??? Focus.

We do have fun, all of us. Yes, there is lots of cute going on, but really what we all treasure is our foundation. Our rock. Our faith. It’s really what matters. Sure, there’s some adorableness present, but it would not be there if Jesus wasn’t in our hearts.. The “LOOK” would be a “YUK” if our hearts were in the wrong place. I do believe what makes one attractive is behavior and motives. A smile, a new haircut, a trim physique and perfectly soft white fur doesn’t hurt either! HA! But seriously, I’m so proud of WHO my family is.

The OH! LOOK! came just yesterday when Tatum and I were walking Cooper. What a reminder of HIS power and LOVE for us! It looked like a glimpse of heaven and a new earth. Someday when there is no more sadness; no more tears, and no more pain.

Oh, your Kingdom Come!


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