Tomorrow is the big day!! First Grade!

Doug and I wanted to celebrate Tatum on Sunday night. I made her a nice dinner of her choice; she wanted a big salad with chicken, sausage, cheese and chips and salsa. Daddy gave her a sweet card.

We then took Cooper outside for a walk (new adventure!), and we let go the balloons into the sky: Launching into first grade!

I love the symbolism of balloons flying hight because they represent Tatum’s future. It’s going to soar and be an adventure. I can’t wait to be in the front seat of her life.

Now, we are ready for a new day tomorrow. We only go for an hour to her classroom to meet and greet and drop off supplies.

She’s all ready with her backpack filled with her supplies here. Tuesday is the official start.

Here’s her classroom. Tatum’s name is on the whale! The gentle giant which Tatum is for sure. A giant heart with such gentleness.

When we got there, there was a scavenger hunt for each student. Great idea, Mrs. Finman.

Part of it was to help with a puzzle and greet Mrs. Finman

All done!

She was to make a bag when we got home of all kinds of things that represent her. She wanted me to take a couple of pics when we got home to include in her bag. Cooper and her Bible definitely are included. She LOVES Jesus, Mommy, Daddy, Coopy, and her activities.

Here are some of Mommy and Tot, Daddy and Tot, swimming, golf, hiking, and family time. These are all the things that make Tatum the TOT!

I can’t wait for your first day tomorrow sweet girl!!!! I love you!!!

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