Celebrating the end and the beginning

Every weekday of the summer, Tatum worked diligently on Brain Quest. I told her the last day, we’d have a party. She finished on the Friday before first grade, and we all rejoiced.

She wrote a summary of Little Red Riding Hood with the correct punctuation and capital letters. The gingerbread man awarded her a

Brainiac award.

So, now we must celebrate.

I wrote out a few thoughts about PARTY DAY.

First, I wanted to celebrate her big, beautiful heart with a new pair of heart glasses. She had accidentally broken the pair she bought with her own money, so I wanted to reward her patience and great attitude about it.

Then, I wanted to celebrate her growth in writing with a new pencil. Not just any pencil…

(Yes, I was MOOOOOVED by her growth)!
Next, I wanted her to know she is my sunshine and to always remember that.

She can keep smiling now with this bear lip gloss.

I love you, Tatum!

Here’s a little yogurt before we go get a…wait for it…

a new haircut and get her all ready for a new BEGINNING!
Thanks to Brandy for this one.

She sure looks cute and mature.

Her uniform (and all its looks) is now the complete package. Her heart, smile, attitude, and kind words are the foundation from God. The clothing will go perfect now on top of it all.

Dearest Lovebug, I’m so proud of you. You are going to make new friends and grow in your faith and your academics. Your heart continues to grow with the fruits of the spirit. Keep being YOU and allowing the Holy Spirit to shape you.

Go First Grade!

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